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A Girl In My Life : Episode 1

A Girl In My Life

This is a cute Love story which will be published in episodes.

Surely it will hit you!!!… Enjoy reading it!!!!…

Episode 1:

It had been two months since we joined college and we knew each other in the class by their names and our friends gang started to build up. “We are planning to go for a movie on Saturday. How many of you would be interested?” one Thursday at the end of the day, our class representative asked this. All of us raised our hands except Nethra. He said, “Okay, interested people, please bring 120 bucks tomorrow so we can book the tickets as fast as we can” All of us tapped our desks with joy. There was a lot of fun during class and off class hours. All of us started to go out for movies, restaurants, birthday parties etc, except her…

A Girl In My Life : Episode 1

Nethra used to be alone and aloof always. She used to sit in the last bench and never spoke with anyone. All the other students were scared to talk to her as she was grumpy and a cranky person. She had displayed her anger many a times with other students. She was good looking but I think she would look beautiful if she smiled because no one had ever seen her smiling. Her pet name was “Miss Long Face”. None of us in the class liked her but she used to do her assignments and record works promptly and had a good name among the lecturers. She was good at studies too and class topper while I used to rank from 4th to 7th.

One day as usual all the boys in the class were discussing about the girls in the college; when the topic went on her. One boy said, “I pity her husband he is gonna have tough time with this girl”. Another boy said, “The person who makes her smile will be an extraordinarily talented person because she is such a bad tempered girl”. One jumped up and said, “Is there anybody who is ready for a challenge?” Everyone asked “What will be the challenge and the bet?” He said, “1000 bucks”. “What’s the challenge?” everyone asked. He said, “The challenge is to be friends with Miss Long face”. Since the bet and challenge was attractive I was interested in trying it; so I took up the challenge.

I thought of a plan to befriend her and as per my plan I did not attend the entire day’s class the next Monday. On Tuesday when I went to class I asked my friends, “What were the assignments or records that were given yesterday?” They said, “The Chemistry record needs to be completed till date and the deadline to submit for corrections is on Friday” I said, “Oh, just three days for Friday. Has anybody completed the record?” They said, “No, not yet. We have lot of experiments pending to be completed”

I went to her and said, “Hi Nethra”

I asked, “Have you completed the chemistry record?”

Sternly she said, “Yes”.

I said, “I did not attend the last chemistry class and I heard that we need to submit the record by this Friday. Nobody else in the class has completed it so it would be great if you could lend me your record. I’ll return it tomorrow”. With lots of hesitation she gave me the record and in a warning tone

She said, “Handle it carefully and return it tomorrow without fail”.

I took the record notebook from her and intentionally left it at home on the day I promised to return it back in order to develop friendship. I was so impressed by the way she has maintained it. Her handwriting was beautiful and the highlighting & markings, presentation of the record was mind blowing. I liked her record and I liked her too, but she was a mystery. I was curious to find out the secret behind her callous nature.

On Wednesday she asked me, “Where is my record?”

“Your presentation skill is very impressive” I said.

She asked, “Where is my record?”

“I complimented about your record” I said

She said, “I don’t need your compliment, I need my record?”

“I didn’t complete it yet, shall I give it tomorrow?” I asked

“I need it by tomorrow without fail” furiously she said and turned to leave my desk.

“Can you remind me in the morning so I won’t forget? Please and this is my number” saying this I wrote my number on a piece of paper and gave it to her as she was about to leave.

She plucked the paper and walked off rapidly without saying anything. I knew this was the right way to get her number.

On Thursday morning she called me early in the morning and said, “Nethra here, called you to remind about the record book” saying this she disconnected the call.

As soon as I came to the class she asked, “My record book”

I searched my bag and hit my head and said, “Oh I am sorry, it’s not there in my bag, I forgot to bring it. Give me your address after the class I will bring it to your home”.

She said, “I know you’ll do like this. Irresponsible fellow, that’s why I hesitated to give it. Okay I will wait near the college entrance in the evening, bring it to the college”.

I said, “It will be late and you have to wait for a long time. My home is far away and it is my fault so I will bring it to your home”.

Stubbornly she said the same thing again, “I will wait near the college entrance till you get it. Around what time will be here?”

I said, “6. 30 pm”

She said, “I’ll wait in the library till you reach the college. Once you reach the college give me a call and then I’ll come out”

I said, “Okay, sounds good.”

Will he come back with the record notebook?

This is the story I read years back on whatsapp. Credits for this story goes to the original authors..

To know it wait for some time…



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