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A Trip called Life with Parents

Time never awaits anyone; that gone would always hold innumerable little moments we make. Never knowing what future holds in store for us we intend to hope for the best, while hoping for this best we should take advantage of the tiny speckles of happiness by gathering them in our baskets. Therefore the basket full of travel narratives should definitely contain at least a bunch of sojourns with our parents. Yes you heard it right!

The beautiful people on earth without whose utmost care, understanding and never ending love, the journey called life would totally have a different story. This world of trend setters has always captured various travelogues containing high profile details of travelling. While all that is truly drool worthy for youngsters to indulge in, I am here to try and lure you into taking the very next trip to wherever you wish to go with your parents and not preferably with your camera, phone and selfie-sticks.

Five reasons why we should definitely travel with our parents while growing up:

  1. Life is always busy. We run like maniacs towards our goals. Monotonous living becomes a perfect reason to sulk about. You all are going to grow up sooner than later. I say Stop! Pack your bags, hold onto your Parents’ hands and go out on a trip with them. Do this now rather than waiting for that one day to arrive. Reach out to them, enjoy to the fullest and create pages after pages of wonderful souvenirs.
  2. Growing up is unwillingly a bumpy phase of life. You change emotionally, physically as well as psychologically. You are surely going to be up for a break from it sometimes, right? If so what can be more fascinating than a journey with your Mom and Dad to someplace in your own country?
  3. In this long journey called Life, a very inevitable phenomenon occurs: we tend to build our own nests far away from our parents’ cocoon. We do forget that their lives are with us, surrounding us. Try this; take trips to not only revive your bonds but to make them feel you are not too far from them. I am sure we can afford this much of happiness for them.
  4. Every single moment is an experience in life. We need many such to deal with whatever survival throws at us. When we spend these moments with those who made it large for us, we add greater lessons to our life; for while a family that eats together stays together, the one that travels together bonds better.
  5. Trust me they really enjoy our company. They look forward to spending time with us. Our parents would never admit that they need us too. It is for us to comprehend that once we leave our homes we leave a lot behind. Perhaps we can never again spend all our time with them, but these little tours to here and there, they mean a lot to our parents.

Thus while we all love to travel, it should not be just a personal phenomenon to undertake. Share it with your mom and dad as well. Hope my little endeavor could kind of light the sparkle in your heart, give it a thought people. If you like to do whatever you have been dreaming about, make sure to try and dream about a tour with Mamma and Papa too, for growing up and going out with them makes our lives worth living.   



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