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5 Billion Sales | Real or Fake

5 Billion Sales is an online earning platform. This is a website through which a user can earn money in several ways. This is a British company based in the United Kingdom and available all over the world. The website operates primarily on a commission-generating advertising-based earning model. The motto of 5 Billion Sales is “By Helping

                 You Earn

                 We Earn Too”!

Different ways to make money from 5 Billion Sales

Shopping Sale
Shopping Sale

Right now the 5 Billion Sales website is giving its users three great opportunities to earn money. Here you get paid for your browsing data without any joining fee or charges. Following are the three ways to earn money from 5 Billion Sales,

1. Earn- sell data

Through this process, the company will buy your browsing data. By joining this plan you can earn regularly by selling your data program which is genuine and legal as well.

The site 5 Billion Sales will pay you a $100 commission for selling a year of browsing data to them. Commission recur each year. Under this program, users need to install their browser extension which replaces adverts on pages that are searched and viewed. 5 Billion Sales collect their users’ browsing data which is kept anonymous, never seen by the human eye, shared, or sold. By doing this they use the browsing data of different users to learn behaviors and predict trends so that they can advertise according to their needs.

2. Earn- selling ads

Everyone wants to earn money through their business. So they invest their time, money, and energy to advertise their business among people. Sometimes it works, but most of the time this marketing strategy of making advertisements does not work. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc are full of marketers or online stores trying to sell their products, but not everyone gets successful. Under this plane of 5 Billion Sales, they tell marketers, affiliates, and website owners about their standard adverts and upgrade to guaranteed sales and sign up free and share their profit.

Through Guaranteed sales, 5 Billion Sales sell one type of advert called Standard Advert’ which cost just $269 for 12 months of advertising. Later the standard advert can be changed to guaranteed sales.  They promote the business that accepts payment online for transactions. Standard adverts can be used to promote any online or offline business and will send a minimum of 1 million ultra-targeted visitors over 12 months. Each standard advert will pay you $20.

The amount will pay you in 30 days and thus you can earn a profit share when they at guaranteed sales and sign up for their advert. They can deliver sales to eCommerce stores such as dropshipping, affiliate programs, eBay shops, Amazon sellers, Etsy shops, Oberlo stores, Shopify, GoDaddy, and many more. They deliver an agreed volume of sales in return for 34% of your profit called ‘profit share”.

3. Refer and earn money

Here you can earn money by referring or introducing a 5 Billion Sales website to other people and businesses. In this plan, the company will pay you $400 for signing up on the website and $100 for inviting people to join the 5 Billion Sales MLM company annually.

In the case of earning through referral, the person who refers you to the website is called your sponsor. Your sponsor will get paid for your activity via the affiliate program “Refer $ Earn”.

Millions of web users are signed in to 5 Billion Sales. This site is just like Google, and Facebook keeps trekking your data, but the only difference is that 5 Billion Sales pay you for that. Here you can withdraw your money through PayPal, bank, and Western Union. But remember KYC is mandatory.

How to install the browser extension of 5 Billion Sales on your device?

To install a browser extension of 5 Billion Sales on your device, first, you need to login to the money make page, then select the sell data option. After that on the Dashboard, you will see step 1, you need to complete step one and then you will get step two where you can install the browser extension.

To complete the first step, you will get 4 pages and at the end of each page there is a save button. First, you need to fill up your details according to the pages especially those marked with “*”. After filling in the all required details press the save button and continue and on the last page click on the save and finish buttons. Thus, you can proceed to the next step.

How to do KYC on 5 Billion Sales

Users can submit their KYC in both Sell data and Refer $ Earn back offers. KYC is required for standard advert buyers and guaranteed sales service clients. For KYC first, you have to sign up or log in (only if you have already registered) to sell data or your Refer $ Earn affiliate back office and click your profile picture. On mobile click the mobile menu, then your profile picture, and click on the KYC option. Thus, you can manage your KYC.

Can users use a VPN while operating 5 Billion Sales?

In a simple answer, no, a user cannot use a VPN while selling their browsing data. Because the nature of a VPN is to block their data and thus it is become impossible to create data for them to buy. So when you use a VPN with the extension you will see 0.00 on your earning table. And also you cannot turn on Kiwi Incognito, because it also disables the extension of 5 Billion Sales just like a VPN does.

Is the 5 Billion Sales website  real or fake?

Though many people demand about 5 Billion Sales, the question that arises is that is the site real or fake. First of all, nobody knows about the history of 5 Billion Sales, their foundation, or its founder. So from this side, it is still a mystery to all. Moreover, they don’t have any products or services which is also a little suspicious. There might be some fraud or pyramid schemes regarding this website, though many people are using the site and also promoting it. So before using this website research more from your side and become confirmed about all the agreements and policies they have.

Is 5 Billion Sales a scam ?

“5 Billion Sales” is not a reputable website and it may be a scam. Scammers often create fake websites that mimic legitimate ones, with the aim of tricking people into giving them sensitive information or money. If you have come across this website, I would advise caution and recommend not providing any personal or financial information. Instead, consider reaching out to a trusted source, such as a customer support team of a related company, or doing further research to verify the legitimacy of the website before making any transactions.


There is much news regarding the website’s 5 Billion Sales. According to some people, it is fake, or some even promote it as a source of easy and fast income. So before sharing your data visit their official website and go through their all terms and condition. Also, the company has launched a telegram news channel where you will get news and updates of their members and new launches and services.

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