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5 Amazing Things Kids Must Learn from Chhota Bheem

Cartoons are the best part of every child’s life. From toddlers to youngsters every child’s life is incomplete without these crayons. Don’t know if many of you watch cartoon shows or not. But if nothing interesting is playing on the idiot box, then cartoon channels are the only savior of children. I know we all are expected to grow out of them but then some of us still remain a child at heart.
One such crayon which nowadays is spreading its wings among the children is Chhota Bheem, which highlights the story of a 9-year-old boy Bheem with his gang of friends like Raju, Chutki and Chotu in the mythical city of Dholakpur. This animated series teaches us a lot which kids can learn from this character of Chhota Bheem:

1. Honesty:

It has rightly been said that “Honesty is the best policy.” And the cartoon Chhota Bheem has proved it. Chhota Bheem, in this animated series, is honest, wise and bold, and is, therefore, free from all kind of worry. He is mentally and physically strong and is so free from all types of insecurities and fears. If one has to succeed in his life, he must be honest with his work.

Chhota Bheem

2. One Should be United:

” A family doesn’t need to be perfect; it just needs to be united.” Chhota Bheem with his gang friends lives like a family and is always united with them. Even Kalia who is the mischievous character in this series gets united with Chhota Bheem for the sake of the welfare of the countrymen. One should always remember that unity is the must-have prerequisite for growth and success.

Chhota Bheem

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3. Always be Helpful and Kind:

The legendary character Chhota Bheem teaches kids to be helpful and kind just like him. As he is always helpful to the village inhabitants of Dholakpur and always protect them from all enemies and robbers.

Chhota Bheem

4. Always be Confident:

If you want to achieve something in life you should have faith in your ability and stick to it with confidence and one day you’ll find your treasure. Chhota Bheem never gives up his confidence and always stay firm with what decision he takes. Chhota Bheem teaches a kid the lesson that, Confidence is the key to success.

Chhota Bheem

5. Don’t be Jealous of Anyone:

The hero of this animated series Chhota Bheem is never jealous of anyone and this is the reason for his success. Eleven-year-old phelwan Kalia is much stronger and older than Bheem but is then also jealous of Bheem’s strength and popularity that he never loses a chance to let him down but still, he is never successful in any of his plans. As you cannot become good by trying to take someone down.

Chhota Bheem

So,are you ready to build in all the qualities of this legendary character Chhota Bheem in your child?

Shreya Bhatia
Shreya Bhatia
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