More Than Best Friend

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    People say,” MOVE ON” is easier than “HOLD ON

    That’s what she was doing moving away from him.  Though it was difficult but there was no other way left. Within few hours she will be flying in some other city. As she was early at airport she waiting for flight to aboard; stretching her legs resting on her back she picked out her dairy and started scribbling something.

    Where ever you’re now…where ever you will be tomorrow… where ever you have been to be in future; one thing always going to hold you, keeps you following reminding you that you’re not alone anywhere even if whole world is against you there will be out that someone who is still going to be by your side.

    LOVE  yes love is that thing that gives you power to fight against all the odds. The source of love varies from person to person, love differs in every ones life.

    I found it in my Best Friend

    blickpixel / PixabayIn world full of filters he was like a Glitters to my life, From being project partners to partners in crime our friendship begins like a sunshine. All those stupid conversations and crazy nights when the time I was late you slap me and say, ” people like me can never be on time” really we where on the top of our life . Everyone who knew us saw us, told me and you that we are meant to be together. But I kept on saying you’re my Best Friend and you’ll always be. But the time I realized ,I don’t only love you like I tell you all the time, but I’m in love with you  I found you were never mine. Last time when we meet we spent that whole day together like a Lovers, but at end of the day  we were “Just Friends”  I thought of expressing my feelings to you when you hugged me, but I know my one step would have ruin many things  So logging off on all my feelings I only said that hardest “Final Byee”.     

    Now moving away from you all I can say is, I don’t know in future we are going to be together or we are going to fall apart, I don’t know whether we will be in touch of each other or sitting next to each other. I simply don’t know anything  what life going to bring in our way, but today I just wanted to tell you that somewhere in those middle of the conversation I fell in love with you…

    From being strangers to friends , then from all gossips  to sharing secrets; from all those arguments and fights, the way you make me go ROFL when I don’t even want to smile; from all those likes and dislikes I’m going to cherish all this things throughout my life.

    I know today you have someone by your side maybe tomorrow I will be someone else’s Love. I wish I could have said this before, “You were not just my best friend you were one step more….Yes you where my ”.

    With a big lump in her throat she kept staring at the last sentence she wrote, suddenly she heard a voice calling her “Mam you are running late the flight is about to board you need to go there immediately” picking up her stuffs with a smile on her face she murmured “ He was right people like me can never be on time”


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