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    Love Memories
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    Whenever I think of the past, it brings back so many love memories.

    It’s a serene scenic beauty around me and I can feel the warmth of the air. It’s warm here like the sun blissfully showering its rays and I’m happy. I know I’m home. You know your destiny at the end of your journey. These lines repeat in my mind. How old is my soul?

    My house faces a vast sea. The clouds arranged themselves in the sky, floating in thin air as the waters changed colours from turquoise to sapphire merging into different shades of blue. I can see that it’s the setting time of the sun with its orange red hue gracefully stroking the water. The wind silently kissed my home facing it and the trees behind.

    It’s the same dress, the one which I loved. The colour peach was more attractive than any other. I have combed and tied my hair well. I’m confident that I look fine. As I entered the front hall of my house, there is someone sitting there gazing at the sea and the setting sun. She looks familiar but I’m unable to recognise her. All I do is ask her how I look. She misses me. I could see that from her expressions. I’m standing in front of her and all she does is call out my name.

    I stepped back. But I realise something after an instance. Yes, this is a special day; there is some kind of joy and ecstasy that I’m feeling. It’s my Birthday. I enter the living room. I could feel the air rushing in along as I enter like carrying me in a cradle of rush. That is when I remember him.

    Soon I hear the sound of the car stopping. The sun rays have turned darker different from the rest of the days. The same car a year ago was my all-time favourite driving and travelling. He has come.

    loveHe knows it’s my birthday. The days that he always made me feel more special. He has always been special. He has come all dressed up with my favourite jacket which I always made him wear during special occasions. I’m happy that he is here and just don’t want him to go. I find some more familiar faces now. Two others getting down from the car. Those are my two best friends. I go to the next room to just look at him, the one whom I loved and for whom I fell in love years ago. Tears of joy overflowed in me. I dint want to meet him this soon. I wait for him looking at the window of the other room. I find and brother walking towards him. They all seem silent.

    I turn towards the mirror in the corner just to look at myself in that beautiful dress and I’m waiting to meet him, hug and pick up the flowers that he has brought. The smile that I bore vanished when I realised I’m not seen. I’m actually not seen in the mirror. My heart skips a beat. My mind is screaming and my heart is hurt with pine and emotions strike in making me weak. I come out of the house running. A year ago, he was standing there and had waited for me to take me out. I remember that. I step out and stand in front of him. I can feel him breathe. He is not looking at me. He calls out my name. All he says is” I know you’re here and I have missed you”.

    We both are crying. The rest are also sad. He looks around for one last time. He misses me more than anything. I wanted things to go back the way it was. I loved him. He couldn’t do anything and never wanted to come back. He got into the car and drove back.  My brother stands there sad. I can hear the sounds of the waves rushing. I wanted to leave. I wish I lived some more but that couldn’t happen.  I know I’m far away from all of them. I was living in their memories now. I closed my eyes and felt the wind. I still live in love memories.

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