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21 Best places in Mumbai to eat delicious & tasty street foods

Mumbai’s Vadapav is my most favorite street food. From rich person to poor person everyone likes Mumbai’s Vadapav. Mumbai’s streets supply a large range of cuisines that cater to its huge population.

Given the diverse communities that reside in the city, the categories of cuisines that are available to pamper your taste buds are infinite. From Mumbai’s special vada pav to the spicy and crunchy bhelpuri that is famous across the country, there are all kinds of dishes to give you the thrill.

These are a number of the places you wish to visit to try the best of street food in Mumbai.

1. Bademiya, Colaba

best of street food in Mumbai.
Bademiya Seekh Kabab’s

an open restaurant that follows a secret family recipe that has been passed on for generations. The open-air kitchen on wheels is well-known for its Chicken Tikka Rolls and are perfect for quick bites as well as a good snack to be savored with your group.

They prepare the finest seekh kebabs that have a huge fan following. Bademiya is the top open hotel for late-night street food in Mumbai. Visit this place and their kebabs will leave you impressed. Chicken Tikka Rolls, Baida Roti, Seekh Paratha, Kebabs are the famous dishes of Bademiya.

2. Anand Stall, Vile Parle West

best of street food in Mumbai.
Anand Stall vadapav center

The stall is located opposite Mithibai College, Anand Stall is well-known for its vada pavs. The vadas are made of a rich mixture of garlic, chilies, and coriander, which is dipped in chickpea flour and fried till it turns golden. The resultant filling is placed inside the pav and served to be relished by more than thousands of customers per day.

The additional plate with salted green chilies is also quite a spice burst. Anand Stall is also known to serve 50 varieties of dosas and Cheese Dosa being the most popular at this outlet. Schezwan Cheese Grill Vada Pav, Cheese Sada Dosa, Paneer Cheese Dosa, Open Cheese Mysore Dosa are the special dishes of this stall.

3. Badshah’s, Chowpatty

best of street food in Mumbai.
Badashah’s Belpuri

Shop No. 11 at the Chowpatty beach is known for its own variation of the famous snack, bhelpuri. The preparation varies from stall to stall. The vendors are known to add their personalized touch to the combination of crispy puffs and crunchy sevs, along with just the right amount of tamarind chutney. Badshah’s is one of the popular places for street food in Mumbai, to relish the snack while you enjoy the view of the Arabian Sea.Falooda is also one of the famous dishes of this stall.

4.Olympia Coffee House, Colaba

best of street food in Mumbai.
Colaba’s Olympia Coffee House

Colaba’s very own local spot for the first meal of the day, Olympia Coffee House can be located from its crowd. Situated opposite the famous Leopold Café, it is famous for its version of fried minced meat served with mops of bread.

The Masala Kheema is prepared in their signature style and you must try it to believe it. A cup of coffee is the best way to gulp your meal down.

5.Narayan Dosa, Grant Road

21 Best places in Mumbai to eat delicious & tasty street foods
Narayan Dosa,Grant road

Narayan Dosa may be located in a tiny space opposite the Opera House, but its customers don’t seem to mind that as long as they get to relish the famous Palak Paneer Dosa. The preparation of this popular dish involves filling the crispy and crunchy Dosa with creamy and garlicky Palak, along with fresh and tender chunks of Paneer.

The spicy garlic chutney and yummy coconut chutney on the side surely take this dish a notch higher. Head here for a weekend breakfast. 

6.Aaswad, Dadar West

21 Best places in Mumbai to eat delicious & tasty street foods
Aswad Misal,Dadar west

One of the tasty vegetarian snacks which made in Maharashtra in every home. The Aaswad’s Missal Pav has received the “World’s Tastiest Vegetarian Dish” award at the Global Foodie Hub Awards in London. According to the owner, Suryakant Sarjoshi, the secret lies in the spices that are prepared in-house and they only use fresh farsan.

The place has been around for more than 30 years so it is one of the most popular spots for vegetarian Maharashtra dishes. Head here to indulge in the city’s favorite breakfast snack.

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7.Kailash Parbat, Colaba

21 Best places in Mumbai to eat delicious & tasty street foods

The crispy potato patty and chickpea curry is a combination that will give your taste buds something worth remembering. The Ragda Patties, commonly known as the Ragda Pattice is prepared in two parts. The ragda is made by soaking white peas overnight in water and then mashing them along with local spices. So, the pattice is made from mashed boiled potatoes and then the final product is topped with dollops of chutney.

Some variations of the dish involve topping the dish with some sev or boondi for an extra zing. Delhi Chaat, Pani Puris, Dahi Wada, Special Dahi Puri, and Falooda Kulfi are also some famous dishes of this stall.

8. Ashok Vada Pav, Dadar

21 Best places in Mumbai to eat delicious & tasty street foods
Ashok Vadapav center,Dadar

Ashok Vaidya is also known as the first vada pav maker among other things,so there is no doubt when it comes to his vada pav and its popularity. If you have lived long enough in Mumbai, you would know. The preparation is based on the combination of a fluffy pav and a delicious filling of golden-fried and spiced batata vada.

The vada pav is Mumbai’s local tradition. The snack’s popularity has led to the origin of a National Vada Pav day celebrated every year on the 23rd of August! And Kanda bhaji is also famous for this stall.

9. Noor Mohammadi Hotel, Bhendi Bazar

21 Best places in Mumbai to eat delicious & tasty street foods
Nalli Niari at Noor Mohammadi Hotel, Bhendi Bazar

The chicken dish at Noor Mohammadi Hotel is a famed actor, Sanjay Dutt’s brainchild. The restaurant even served Sanju Baba Chicken on the house, on the day the actor was released from jail. The recipe has been curated by Sanjay Dutt. The restaurant stands out due to the recipe that the actor shared with the hotel.

A wall at the restaurant proudly displays the recipe of the dish, signed by the Munna Bhai star. Therefore, the Nalli Niari is also a signature dish from this 95-year-old eatery. Nalli Nihari, Shami Kebab, Sanju Baba Chicken are the most famous dishes of this restaurant.

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10. Military Cafe, Fort

21 Best places in Mumbai to eat delicious & tasty street foods
Kheema Pav at Militari Cafe,Fort

The Kheema Pao at Military Cafe consists of a soupy curry that serves as a light snack with the unbuttered paos. The spices are light and don’t overpower the taste of the mutton. The décor of the Irani café is pretty much the same as it was 80 years ago. The Kheema Ghotala is lovely. It is made with a scrambled egg and is cooked into the kheema. You must finish off your meal with their Caramel Custard.

Kheema Ghotala, Chicken Dhansak, Kheema Pao, Caramel Custard, Brun Maska, Irani Chai these are special dishes of this café.

11. Radio Restaurant, Crawford Market

21 Best places in Mumbai to eat delicious & tasty street foods
Seekh Kabab at Radio Restaurant, Crawford Market

Radio Restaurant has a popular identity as the 80-year-old food joint that sells the famous India-Pakistan dish. The place is equally known for selling deadly dishes like the Murgh Taliban. Try the Bheja Fry at the restaurant, which is popular for its tomato twist. Seekh Kebabs, Bheja Fry, Murgh Taliban, India-Pakistan are famous dishes of this restaurant.

12. Vinay Health Home, Thakurdwar

21 Best places in Mumbai to eat delicious & tasty street foods
Kande Pohe at Vinay health home

Vinay Health Home gets its name ‘Vinay’ from the deity Ganesha and its attempt to serve hygienic and healthy, home-cooked food to its customers. They have been serving Maharashtrian special snacks for more than 70 years. The popular items to try at this outlet are Kanda Poha, Thalipeeth, Kothimbir Vadi, Misal Pao, and Patal Bhaji.

13. Elco Pani Puri Centre, Bandra

21 Best places in Mumbai to eat delicious & tasty street foods
Elco Pani Puri Centre

It is a famous pani Puri Centre that serves pani puri like no other in the city. The fried and crispy puris, filled with spicy water are delicious. The chutneys and spices used by them are fresh, which makes for the most delicious stuffing. This place has been around for more than 40 years and their use of mineral water just makes them even more popular among the hygiene freaks.

14. Haji Ali Juice Center, Hajiali

21 Best places in Mumbai to eat delicious & tasty street foods
Sitafal Cream at Haji Ali Juice Centre

The Haji Ali Juice Centre is currently manned by the Noorani sisters. It has grown from being a juice center to providing multiple dining options. It is conveniently located in downtown Mumbai and provides the stunning view of the city’s skyline to enjoy as you savor their special Sitaphal Cream and Falooda.

This center usually, thronged by late-night revelers who stop by at midnight for some nourishment. Jain Pizza, Mozzarella-Schezwan Roll, and Mushroom Grill Club Sandwich are also the most famous dishes here.

15. Pooja Malai Gola, Ghatkopar Khau Galli

21 Best places in Mumbai to eat delicious & tasty street foods
Pooja Malai Gola ,Ghatkopar

This place Pooja Malai Gola is one of the best places for street food in Mumbai. The ball of crushed ice dipped in different colored sherbets is what summers are made for. The additional topping of fresh cream, assorted nuts and milkmaid will make your calorie gain worth every bite. Dig into this treat and relive your childhood.

Classic Malai Gola, Deluxe Malai Gola are famous gola’s of this stall.

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16. Guru Kripa, Sion

21 Best places in Mumbai to eat delicious & tasty street foods
Chole Bhature at Guru Kripa,Sion

The 41-year-old eatery masters the art of combining two of the most popular street foods in Mumbai, samosa and Chola. They are well-known among Mumbaikars for the Samosa Chola, a mixture of two popular snacks. Priced at Rs 37, the team the spicy, potato-filled samosas with freshly prepared chole. Getting a seat at this joint might be slightly tricky given the long waiting lines, but the struggle is worth it.

17. Swati Snacks, Tardeo

21 Best places in Mumbai to eat delicious & tasty street foods
dahi chat at Swati snacks

Asha Jhaveri serves scrumptious traditional vegetarian bites at Swati Snacks and that won’t be found anywhere in the city other than the homes of Mumbaikars. The popular garlicky Panki is made from thin rice pancakes wrapped in steamed banana leaves. Their chaat dishes use mineral water so hygiene is not going to be a problem at this eating joint. 

18. Cannon Pav Bhaji, Fort

21 Best places in Mumbai to eat delicious & tasty street foods
Pav bhaji at Cannon

Located outside the CST station, Cannon Pav Bhaji serves buttery and delicious pav bhaji to famished travelers. The stall excels in serving mildly spiced bhaji with soft paos at the price of Rs 40. Indulging in their butter-laced delicacy won’t make you feel guilty, given how good it is. Whether you’re heading to work or are out for a stroll, this place offers the perfect quick bites.

20. Bachelorr’s, Marine Drive

21 Best places in Mumbai to eat delicious & tasty street foods
Bachelorr’s, Marine Drive

Known to be around since the 1940s, Bacherlorr’s has been serving juices and milkshakes to a diverse crowd. As a result, it is quite crowded during late evenings when people throng this place to revel in thick shakes and fresh juices.

The Cream and Strawberry Milkshake is quite a hit and if you fancy some sinful chocolate, the Classic Chocolate Shake will leave you bedazzled. The natural fruit ice creams are a hit among those with a sweet tooth. Classic Chocolate, Black Gold Premium, Liquid Marble, Lychee Juice are the famous menus here.

21. Hazara, Sion

21 Best places in Mumbai to eat delicious & tasty street foods
Prawn Koliwada at Hazara,Sion

Hazara does some of the finest Prawn Koliwadas found in the city. It is a great option if you are looking to savor some quick bites. The Fish Koliwada recipe is taken from an original recipe of Hazara.

The fish is marinated for some time in spicy famous Koli masala and then fried. And According to locals, Hazara was one of the earliest restaurants in the area and still carries the tag of being the best places for street food in Mumbai. Prawn Koliwada, Fish Koliwada, Murg Hani, Paneer Kulcha, Tandoori Chicken dishes are the famous dishes here.

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