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Computer Science: 16 reasons to study Computer Science

These days computers are everywhere. Moreover,the technology has taken its wings. Every task is online these days. It is a mandate to know about computers. The traditional ways of doing tasks are eliminating.

In this blog, we will discuss 16 reasons to study Computer Science.

1. Computer Scientists are in demand

Every field needs automation these days. Computer knowledge is essential for everyone. Computer scientists solve the difficulty in different domains. Computer scientists simply find the problem, explore the reasons and provide ways to resolve it.

2. Computer science people make a better world

Technology has, directly and indirectly, influence the lives of people. It has made the world better and faster. Moreover, people from different regions feel connected due to computers.  It gives a solution to multiple problems.

3. Computer science knowledge offers you different career options

Technology is very vast. Knowledge of computers is not only limited to software, it also involves hardware as well. A simple course in computers makes you worthwhile for doing any job. Moreover, if you even know only MS-Word there are a lot many options for you to get a good job. Learning the computer opens several doors for you. You can choose for the career according to your choice.

4. An essential part of academic education

In different schools and colleges, computer subject is necessary for all students. All work is done online, basic computer knowledge helps you in achieving your goals. Moreover, the introduction of smart classes in the curriculum of schools as well in colleges helps to make students more interactive and active. This will create interest in the subject. It also increase the learning ability of the students.

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5. Computer science jobs offer you good packages

People who are computer graduates have multiple career options.Moreover, Companies recruit computer science students and offer them a decent salary package. This will provide them more opportunities after taking experience from the companies.

6. Computer science offers you to work as a freelancer

Computer science is a diverse field and you can work as a freelancer. Moreover, Companies outsource people to perform some tasks and also give a stipend to them. They do work from home and earn good money from freelancing.

7.Opportunities to study in abroad

Some foreign companies want computer scientists, computer teachers, computer technicians, and computer trainer. Moreover,learning computers can provide you the great opportunities to study in the USA, UK, and other foreign countries.

8. Internships in top companies

Many top companies take interviews of the candidates and if they are selected, companies hire them as interns. Moreover,they also teach you several topics and for learning those topics and also give you a stipend for learning. Isn’t it good that you are earning while learning?

9. Top Universities offer scholarships to computer science students

Your skills help you very much in clearing the entrance test of any University. University then offers you scholarships for enrolling yourself into computer degrees. Moreover, you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money on your study, the Universities will take care of that.

10. Free certification courses are available online

What technology hasn’t provided us yet? Classroom learning is not sufficient in the digital world. Many free certification courses are available online. You can choose any course depending upon your need and you will be ready to go. You don’t need to pay a single penny for enrolling yourself in the course.

11.Teaching opportunities

Many schools and colleges need computer staff to teach their students and performing day-to-day computer tasks. Moreover, if you are familiar with the computer, these days even schools offer a good salary to the teachers as well. If you want to work as an assistant professor or lecturer, you can also do so. In colleges or Universities, computer science teachers earn a pretty good salary.

12. Research Scientist

You can become a computer researcher after doing post-graduation in computers. Moreover, Computer science has diverse options. Also, you can work as a Junior research fellowship and Senior research fellowship after giving a test of the UGC-NET examination.

13. Game developer

 Who doesn’t not liking games?  What if they are available online? From teenagers to adults, people love to play games. This can become possible due to computer engineers who put their efforts into making them. Game development needs computer knowledge. Game developer earns a good salary package and these days gaming jobs are in demand.

14. You become more creative

Learning computers enables you to be experimental. It also increases your creativity. A great entrepreneur like Mark Zuckerberg combines their technical education with creativity to achieve success in his fields.

15. Development of problem-solving skills

Technology has given us many coders who can solve the problems with their logic and thinking. It would be difficult for people who are not from a computer science background.

16. AI is the present and the future

Artificial intelligence is the evolving technology that brings up automation with it. It has given us so many career opportunities and has provided us multiple benefits like healthcare Nanobots to self-driving cars and even many more.


In this blog, we have discussed 16 reasons to study computer science. Computer science boosts our knowledge and skills and also provides us different career options. Moreover, it has provided benefits to every sector ranging from medicine to transportation. It has provided us understanding AI which is the future of the technology. Computers are exploring and evolving. These are the main reasons that make it necessary to learn computer science.

Palvi Soni
Palvi Soni
Palvi Soni is a researcher, blogger and content writer who loves to write on different topics. She has completed her M.Tech in Computer science and Engineering in 2019. She loves to explore more and more knowledge and feel happy to share her views with the world. Stay tune for multiple articles based on career, lifestyle, technology and many more..!!!



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