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Places To Explore In Bali

When you think about Bali, there are only a few things that come in front of your eyes and that are the scenic beauty of lush evergreen rice fields and beaches. Bali is like what heaven would have been on earth. The beaches and the terrains are definitely one of a kind. Denpasar has the largest settlement on that island and is the capital of Bali. 

The weather of Bali is just a cherry on top that compliments the scenic beauty. As the island is just 8 degrees south of the equator, the climate is fair enough. The average temperature of the island can be said to be around 30 degrees. Whereas the humidity level is about 85% every year. The season of monsoon knocks the door of the island between October to April. Very few tourists are seen during this season. The rains are unpredictable in and around the Christmas period. 

The currency of Bali is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). The IDR is no way close to the dollars. 13973.02 IDR currently counts to $1. This means the trip is literally a backpack saver trip for the people of America. 

Once you get to the Bali Airport, you can move around the island by rental car services, airport shuttle service or by tour packages which include hotel drop-offs as well. Choosing a tour package is a very wise decision as the Bali trip is actually very cheap and you can avoid a waste of time. 

The people of Bali are very welcoming to every tourist that visits the island. The people earn a lot from tourism and can be said to be the main occupation there. The culture of Bali is mostly based on Hinduism. Around 83% of the Bali people are Hindu and hence you will see my Hindu temples in your sight. 

While in Bali, also try and explore the yoga retreats there. These retreats will surely refreshen your mind and cleanse your soul with peace and tranquility.

Beaches And Places To Visit In Bali

Places To Explore In Bali

Mesmerising Telangana rice terrace

One of the most famous tourist attractions of Bali is the Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Tirta Emul Temple, holy hot springs, and Gunung Kawi Royal Monument. The culture and heritage of Balinese people can be seen in their Jewelry, dance, wood carvings, food, clothing, etc. All of this is a must experience heritage. 

Mystique yet spiritual temples of Bali

The temples of Bali are the best examples of extraordinarily architecture and stone carvings. One must definitely visit Uluwatu located to the southeast of the island. This place is one of the greatest attraction for surfers around the world. It was considered as one of the best surfing areas among the seven around the world. It is great for advanced surfing and sports. When you are in Uluwatu, do also visit the temples there. It is one of the oldest temples that duration back to the 10th century when Empu Katuran, a Javanese priest built it in those times.

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Get lost in the traditional Kecak Dance

You should never miss the Kecak Dance at the Uluwatu temple in the evening. It is the best way to experience the Balinese cultural dance. The fire dance is just a sight to see in the evening. The Kecak Dance depicts the story of Ramayana through their dance. 

Revive your soul at the beautiful beaches of Bali

Around the Jimbaran Beach, you should definitely taste the seafood from one of the sea-facing classic restaurants. They are a great representation of the good of the island. 

Witness the culinary art of Ubud

Ubud is the capital for cultural art and culinary. The places in Ubud are a must-visit. The Bali Bird Park is just mesmerizing with so many birds of different species. Other places to visit in Ubud are the Ubud market, Pura Pentaran Sasih, Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave and a full course lunch at Bebek Bengil Restaurant. 

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Why miss the exotic experience of the island?

The beach of Nusa Dua in Bali is famous for the high-end resorts that provide extravagant services. It is also home to large mangrove swamps. The place golden sand is so relaxing that you can stay there until the bars and lounges open in the evening. It is a favorite spot for swimmers to swim in the low tide and enjoy the beautiful sunset. 

Let’s fill our minds with the breathtaking beach sunsets

Tourists from all around the world do visit the Kuta beach. The best is spread for over 8 kilometers from Canggu to Tuban. The golden sand along with sunset looks glorious. It is also an attraction for professional as well as amateur surfers. 

Foodies attention!!!

Seminyak beach is a favorite beach for all the foodies. There are a number of most fashionable resorts of Bali on Saminyak Beach. You enjoy scrumptious meals by the top international chefs like Jalan Kayu Aya. 

Why miss the Balinese cuisine?

You can experience the taste of the Balinese cuisine by joining some Bali cooking courses. Here you come to know the secrets of Balinese cuisines. You also get fresh ingredients and spices from the Ubud market and start cooking like a Balinese. 

Feel every breath count under the sea

Now that you are in Bali, rich with hundreds of various species, you should definitely go for deep-sea diving. The dives in Bali are much cleaner than any other dives around the world. You get to see hundreds of species that very rare and are found only in Bali. It is an amazing and mesmerizing experience under the water, among the fishes and sea turtles. 

UNESCO world heritage sites

There is also a world heritage site declared by UNESCO in 2012. The irrigation system for paddy fields in Jafiluwih, Subak is that place. 

One thing is for sure, that there are so many different places to explore in Bali that you will get confused about where to spend your time at. The cheap accommodations, food, and transportation can make it an even better option for the summer getaway. In Bali, you’ll get to see one of the best sunrise and sunset with such beautiful sea beaches and the rock structures in the picture.  It is indeed a perfect getaway from all the city hustle-bustle and the hectic daily routine. This trip to Bali will give you all that you need on a trip that is a piece of mind. What are you waiting for? Getaway from your busy life and take the break that you deserve. 

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