15 Ways To Know Whether Your Significant Other Truly Loves You


“I think he is cheating on me..” “just look at her.. why is she being so close to him? I am damn sure she is having an affair with him?” “why are you so late? Who was with you ?” blah blah blah.. boring and immature questions, isn’t it? but I am damn sure each one of us have gone through this ‘KBC’s question’ phase once in our life. And for many of us this is their daily dose. But the answer is same for all. “what the fuck? Don’t you trust me?” I know this is our human tendency to doubt, ask absurd question but only because we love them so much and we don’t want to lose them. But we need to understand that this makes them uncomfortable.  So I am here for your rescue. Let me act as your genie and give solution to your question without disturbing your beloved. Just have a tour and get your relaxed. J

  • Priority 1 Goes To Youpriority

    • Yeah this is the 1st criteria that you can jugde your beloved. Every girl/boy loves to be given the 1st May be that be your job or our mom, your beloved always want to be your topmost priority. So make sure that your better half gives you that much importance or else… I guess you know your fate.
  • Perfect Combination Of Possessiveness And Trusttrust

    • this is interesting. If your boyfriend is the perfect mixture of trust and possessiveness the trust me he is the juice of your life. He believes you like anything still cant see you with someone else, isn’t it romantic ?
  • Respect Is The Key For Loverespect

    • This is the foremost thing. If your beloved respects you, try to keep your dignity and respect in front of everyone then surely that person loves you like anything.
  • Mugs up all the important dates for you.dates

    • Girls are damn sensitive about dates. They remember almost every date like your first kiss, , date of your anniversary , date of your 1st cut on your hand, date on which you gave her a rose.. Almost everything.. So if your guy remembers everything along with you then there is no test for his love for you.
  • Understands You Like God

    • understand
    • We always want someone who love us, who understands each and every step of your, who knows from top to bottom. Mark my words if your guy possesses such qualities then he knows you perfectly and loves you like anything.
  • Don’t Take Advantages Of Your Absenceadvantage

    • I guess you got my point here. If your man/woman loves you truly then they can never take advantage of you absence. They would be dedicated to you and can’t even imagine cheating on you with someone else.
  • You Are His Alarm Clock And His Night Owlnight

    • Girls love to be pampered. They love to be asked about every time. So if your guy is your night owl who sleeps with you and is the first voice you listen every morning then miss he is your man.. Completely yours.
  • No ‘I’ No ‘You’, Only ‘Us’us

    • Its pleasure to see your guy/girl loves you but do they you consider as theirs? What do hear in most of your conversation? ‘You’ and ‘I’ or ‘Us’. If it isn’t ‘US’, then my friend you are in infatuation. Get out of it as soon as possible.
  • His 18 Hours Is Yourtime

    • If your love is dedicating their most of the times, like about 12-18 hours, then you are lucky in love. I know its rare to see but there are some people who love their beloved so much that they love dedicating their time to them. Might be wondering why it isn’t 24 hours? Don’t you think that poor fellow should be given liberty of sleep for 6 hours?
  • Respects Your Views In Bedbed

    • This is the most sexual aspect of love. If your partner respects your words on your sexual intercourse, forces himself on you, then its high time to leave his bed and his life too. Such person truly loves to have sex with you, not truly in love with ‘You’.
  • Your Mood= His Moodmood

    • I have marked this many a times. If your guy truly loves you then your mood ultimately becomes his. He is happy when you are happy as a kid and he is mad for the cause you are angry as fuck. In short he is your mood influencer. Such guys love you from the core of their heat.
  • Supports You Every Timesupport

    • This is something highly expected. We always expect our beloved to support us at every moment. But it is foolish of us if we expect them to support us at wrong decisions too. But if you guy still supports you when you are drunk as fuck then mark my words, his love for you is damn pure and true.
  • Surprises You At Every Stepsurprise

    • Isn’t it romantic to see your guy/girl be present at your doorstep with your favorite ice cream to cheer you up? The person who surprises you at every moment is the best person in the world. If your beloved plans surprise to just see a smile on your face then you are damn lucky to have such lovers.
  • Honesty Is The Best Policyhonest

    • I love honest people. Seriously I don’t get it why people fake if their honest side owes everything to them? Honest people are the best. If your beloved is honest with you at every moment, then there is no chance they doesn’t love you honestly.
  • Best Ear For You.ear

    • You can’t be useful to someone when they are damn happy but you are truthful if you are present with them at their saddest moment. But a true love presents with you every time. They can be the best ears to listen to your good news and for your saddest tears too. If he is such a best ear, you have a true love my girl.



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