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10 Myths Related To Introverts That Aren’t True

Introverts, Extroverts & Ambiverts are the three common types of people whom you meet every day. These three types of people are much different from each other in several aspects. Among the three personality types, the most misunderstood type is Introverts. Introverts are understood by a pinch of people but they are misunderstood by everyone. Introverts are often seen boring which they are not. Introverts are one of their kind who loves being alone; for them, their solitude matters a lot, they prioritize their ‘me time’ the most. There are other myths too which surround introverts. Here, we have given ten myths surrounding introverts, which will help you to understand introverts around you better, in your social circle or your family.

Introverts are lonely people. 

The most common myth that people associate with introverts is that we are lonely people, which is not true at all. Anyway, introverts are not lonely people. We love our solitude. We love spending time alone away from the crowd enjoying our Me Time essential for us. We introverts love doing things on our own; we prefer going for outings alone. We are not lonely people, but we are people who live for ourselves. What people take it as our loneliness, it is our way of living on our own.

We can be away from people and still can enjoy on our own. While people love spending time outdoors, we love spending time at our place doing absolutely nothing. Yes, we have little plans on weekends but we have better ways of spending our weekend. Loneliness is the absence of others in our life, while Aloneness is the presence of eternal self -being. We introverts are not lonely people, but surely we are people happy in our own company.

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Introverts hate socializing 

Okay, we introverts love staying in our rooms doing things that we love, which is painting to watching Netflix to dancing and many more activities like these, but we don’t hate socializing. Yes, we cancel plans at the last moment; we love canceled plans more, but we still love getting invited. Another myth which people have made in their mind is that we hate going out, we hate socializing which is wrong. Most of us love spending time with our favorite people. We socialize, but the only thing is that we socialize with a few people who are much close to us. Many of the introverts are outgoing introverts who love meeting new people, having talks with them but to a certain limit.

Our socializing depends on our mood, our proximity to the people, the number of people. We are selectively social which comes rarely. Our idea of socializing is different as we need not go to clubs for socializing. We need silence. We are empathetic people who love our favorite people to the core of our hearts. We love meeting our very close friends once in a while but that too for a limited time. At the end of the day, we need our own time to recharge ourselves. More the people lesser our energy. Yes, we are quiet people who love comfortable silences even when we are in group activities, business meetings, or with friends.

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Introverts lack public speaking skills 

Yes, introverts are shy people who hate getting into the limelight, but that doesn’t mean that we introverts lack public speaking. Yes, facing crowd standing on a stage makes us shiver with fear, but we can still handle that well. Many introverts don’t lack public speaking but are great orators who know how to keep their audience engaged with their extraordinary skills which make us different from other speakers. Not all the introverts are pro at public speaking, but yes some famous personalities who are introverts still are known for delivering excellent speeches that have made history. Some famous personalities are Elon Musk, J.K.Rowling

Introverts don’t have a sense of humor

Yes, being an introvert, we introverts don’t crack jokes so often, but is cracking jokes, the only way of telling people our humor? We introverts too crack jokes which don’t hurt anyone’s sentiments or hurts others instead refreshes others as we strongly believe in the wise words of Charlie Chaplin, “My pain may be the reason for somebody’s

laugh. But my laugh must never be the reason for somebody’s pain”. Our sense of humor is not seen by many but is felt by our close people. We know the importance of humor, how to use it where to use it. We are humorous in our way. Our humor is not a humor to be missed. Do you remember Mr. Bean? If yes then you will understand it better. We introverts take jokes upon as well, but there is no place for people who mock us for no reason. Humor is good but not mockery.

Introverts are selfish people 

Selfishness is the root cause of all evils. Another thing which people have a misconception about us is that we introverts are selfish people, which is too naïve because selfishness cannot be attributed to a certain personality type as selfishness is a subjective thing where people may be selfish without being introvert. One cannot directly attack a personality type which is known for being a grounded personality. What is our necessity taken as rudeness or selfishness by people? We introverts are quiet people with the loudest mind who don’t give heed to small talks. We are not rude; it is just our way of living. We introverts are great listeners. We converse little, which doesn’t make us rude or selfish.

Introverts don’t have friends

Man is a social animal that the great philosopher, Aristotle, once said. Everyone has friends so we introverts to have our friends. Yes, many believe that introverts don’t have friends which is a wrong notion about us. Friendship is a very sacred feeling for introverts. We don’t have a huge gang or squad but we have a small group of friends who tolerate us every day. We believe in quality, not in quantity. We are old school persons having traditional traits in us especially for the sacred feeling of friendship.

 We believe in long-lasting friendships and not in a casual kind of friendship. We talk with many, but with most of them, we have cordial relations with them except for some people who touch our hearts forever. We have a soft corner for everyone. Yes, we give 100% in everything and our friends know us still we maintain that privacy. We foster good relations with our friends. Our friends are the people who accept us the way we are without trying to change our introvertish.

We know that we have a tiny group of friends, but they mean the world to us. We don’t know how to make Twitter best friends but we surely know how to build a strong friendship that lasts forever. Our friendship with our friends is deep, deeper than those best friends people. Not all introverts have best friends some have true friends. We meet people every day still we keep our mystery with us. Introverts don’t have friends but have true friends with whom we feel close. Our level of friendship is different, so is our equation with our dear friends. Having an introvert friend is a blessing.

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Introverts lack decision making

Decision making is different for different individuals because of obvious reasons. For introverts, taking decisions might take time, but once taken, they are adamant about it. They take time because they research, analyze their every decision minutely. They have a strong self -control. They observe a lot sometimes, may over-think still, they are a good decision-maker at least for them they are. They take decisions after a deep understanding and keeping in mind all the consequences which may arise in the decision making. Once they have decided something, none can stop them from doing so. They listen to every damn suggestion people tell them, ultimately they do what they like, which is best for them.

Introverts are weak 

We introverts are not weak people; we are strong people who know how to handle ourselves alone & with the help of some trusted close people to us. It is just that we value relations and people around us even we may not get emotionally attached to people easily. We think before we say anything to anyone as we understand people much better also we don’t want people to feel bad because of our words. We think twice before we do anything. For us, privacy is the key to success and happiness. We don’t get into arguments easily. What people see as our weakness, for us it is our greatest strength. We don’t say much, we think much. We don’t lack self- confidence, we don’t like becoming a center of attention. We love to work in silence away from the limelight as we strongly believe in the phrase, Work in silence and let success make the noise. We love traveling with family or friends, but we find comfort in solo traveling.

Introverts are boring people

For people who think that we are boring, we pity your understanding of life. We introverts are not boring people but are the most creative people. What you call us doesn’t make us feel sad but gives us another chance to skip staying in touch with you. Our boring nature is misunderstood by many. We are a traditional kind of people who believe in our roots than we believe in your modernization. Yes, we can be a boring, mundane, monotonous people in your world of looking at things or people, but in our happy little world, we are the master where everything looks entertaining and brightening to us. You don’t know the comfort of our ‘boring’ life. We do have a life to live it; happily, we need to catch up on ourselves often.

So here are our myths surrounding introverts. Introverts are fun to be around with.

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Pallavi Dutta
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