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5 Amazing Writers’ Retreat in India That Will Stir Your Creative Juices

Is there a manuscript in your bag which you had started some time ago, but could never finish it? Have you experienced how sometimes you sit in front of your laptop screen to write and, all of a sudden, your words freeze to silence? If yes, then you are not alone. There is simply no finish line to the number of obstacles a writer can face, in his dream path.

The chaos of urban life or a nine to five monotonous routine may sometimes bar your creativity from manifesting masterpieces. So there are some wonderful writing retreats in India that will relieve you from the shackles of writer’s block, or from the flowing hours. These places are a great way for fledgling as well as professional writers to keep their creative juices flowing. So here are 5 amazing writers’ retreats in India that will help you find your muse, and keep your creativity flowing.

1. Himalayan Writers’ Retreat

The Himalayan Writer’s Retreat lies amidst the breathtaking beauty of Uttarakhand. It was founded by two published authors, Chetan Mahajan and Vandita Dubey, in the year 2016. The retreat organizes a number of writing workshops every year, where writers can participate as per their personal taste and requirement. They start from 3 days and may end up to 10 days retreat. The soul-craving solitude and surroundings of the Himalayas can be a great source of inspiration for writers and poets. There is also a choice for custom writing getaway where you can go and stay at any time of the year.

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2. Panchgani Writers’ Retreat

The Panchgani Writers’ Retreat is an annual event, hosted every year by Social Lite House LLC, Maryland – a literary and publishing company. The picturesque view of Panchgani triggers the writers to find their lost inspiration and also helps them de-stress, which helps them to write better. The retreat provides the writers with a cozy homestay, with home-cooked vegetarian meals and meditation and yoga sessions for spiritual well-being. In short, it renders a peace of mind to the inhabiting writer which helps them articulate their emotions perfectly. In addition to this, the retreat also hosts poetry, creative writing and memoir workshops which completely optional.

3. Sangam House, Bangalore

In Sanskrit, the word ‘Sangam’ means ‘going together’. So the intent of this writing retreat is likely to bring together writers from all corners of the world so that they live and work together, in an uninterrupted peaceful setting. The residential programs are designed to provide an influential platform to the unsung poets and writers from different cultures and regions of the world. The unique art-inducing environment provides space for wonderful experiences, inspiration, and bonds. The retreat also houses a poetry community by the name ‘Poetry at Sangam’ where aspiring poets can infuse their unique flavor to various topics for writing.

4. Bound Writers’ Retreat

Bound Writers’ Retreat conducts a week-long program in the Divar Island of Goa. It is founded by Tara Khandelwal, an editor, and writer, who has worked with prestigious houses like Penguin, BloombergQuint, SheThePeople.TV and more. Her retreat provides an amiable platform for writers and poets, encouraging their inner creative bud to flower. It also conducts also conduct in-city workshops and discussions that provide an effective audience and advice to the writers. Twelve writers come to participate in this 5-day residential program, under the guidance of three professional mentors which fuels their creative side and strengthens their craft.

5. Preet Nagar, Punjab

The idea of the village of love, Preet Nagar is credited to Punjabi writer, poet, and visionary Gurbaksh Singh, and was once a thriving cultural center. He was originally the editor and publisher of the first Punjabi magazine, Preetlari. Preet Nagar was the pride of Punjab and was planned in 1930, during the pre-independence era. Artists from all over the country come and stay in this creative hub, which includes musicians, filmmakers, writers, poets and more. The ‘season’ time for Artist residency begins mostly in September every year and ends in early March. Summers are not enjoyable in this area, thus, it is not usually preferred.  

So these are some of the places in India where you can transform your writings to masterpieces, as there is abundant inspiration lurked within these fabrics of nature’s wonders. If you have reached this far, then you are definitely an aspiring writer. So pick up your favorite retreat and enroll this summer.

Chitrotpala Chaitali Dash
Chitrotpala Chaitali Dash
Everytime a koel sings, a flower blossoms and a tree speaks, I bloom a little. I am a pluviophile with an old soul, who loves petrichor, poems and a cup of tea, and believes that we all are made up of stardust and carry a little magic within us.


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