10 Amazing Life Lessons We Learned From 90’s Cartoons


Being a 90’s kid I know I’m somehow connected to every other kid from my generation. As we share the memories of our childhood together. Cartoon always makes me feel nostalgic for the time when I was just insane about the cartoons. Literally, I used to come home running from school so that I couldn’t even miss a part. Those days when me and my friends used to play characters of Captain planet and Justice league.

I know you all have done it too. And now when we think about those days it makes us go ROFl but trust me those days are treasures for lifetime. But I really feel bad for my cousins and for today’s kids who can never discover the joy of good old cartoons. I mean seriously they’re watching “ Oggy & The Cockroaches”. But thankfully, there are still some channels who display 90’s cartoons so that they could also learn something from them For instance, lesson like:

Tom and Jerry:

Tom and Jerry taught us that size really doesn’t matter when you have to achieve something in life. A small Jerry can manage Tom by his smart and wise ways they why couldn’t us. As a kid it also taught us that even if we may disagree, argue or fight sometimes, in the end our enemy can turn out to be our friends, just like Tom and Jerry.


 Pokemon teaches us to be the best version of yourself and that hard work and dedication pays off. And even if someone treats you badly, you should still be good to them.


In childhood, each time when you have watched Scooby-Doo I’m sure you would have wished to have friends like Fred,Daphne,Velma,Shaggy and Scooby. Because with good friends around, there is no mystery or no problem that you can’t solve.

 Powerpuff Girls:

Powerpuff girls truly inspire all the girls that anything is impossible, being a girl doesn’t matter, you can do all the things that you possibly can. This cartoon always reminds me that girls are as powerful and strong as boys.

Johnny Bravo:

Unexpectedly, even Johnny Bravo taught us that it’s not only good manners that is required, to impress someone. Also it taught us to be confident and keep trying until you get success. (giggle)

Ed, Edd and Eddy:

Even if you think you’re really odd and don’t fit in, no worries, you’ll somehow end up with the right one as insane as you’re just like Ed, Edd and Eddy.

Courage the Cowardly dog:

This cartoon implies us that bravery is nothing but hiding your fear, and putting in the best of efforts. And fighting against it no matter how difficult it is.

Captain Planet:

This was the cartoon which has truly captured our mind in childhood, since the main intention of this cartoon was protecting our Mother nature, recycling and saving environment. Thanks to Captain Planet we all grew up being environmentally responsible.

Dexter’s laboratory:

Dexter’s laboratory taught us no matters how many hurdles you have to reach your destination, you have to tackle everything and move on towards your goal.


Last but not the least, we all hated spinach in childhood but we have tired eating spinach so that we will also become powerful just like Popeye. Because the moment he ate spinach, he suddenly gathered the strength to deal with everything. But spinach was only an emblem of our strength. We can flip our life at any moment and make ourselves bigger, better and stronger.