School – An Unforgettable Journey

A palatial abode that accepted me as one of its very own,
A tremendous palace that encapsulated the grooming of the very soul,
A home which had the blend of friends like family and engendering education tree.
This is what my school meant to me.

A roof under which I could breathe achievements,
A place that scintillates into me a fortitude like never before.
Here, I unveiled some life-long friends and that precious glee.
This is what the school has given to me.


Inculcating into me those valuable morals and erudite learning,
Explicating to me what love and respect is.
With the guidance of some dynamic and lovely teachers,
I learned to plod along the arduous path and help my peers.

The corridors of the school that remind me of blissful times,
The auditorium where I learned how to articulately speak.
The plethora of memories varying from the ebullient school picnic, hosting events, teachers’ day celebrations to JMUN and Elixir,
I’ve garnered moments that I will definitely cherish forever.


Khushbu Kirti
Khushbu Kirti
I'm currently pursuing English Honours from the University Of Delhi. I am a passionate writer, a keen dancer and an avid thinker. I believe that poetry is one of the most puissant weapons.

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