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10 Lesser Known Facts About Queen Victoria

  1. Barely 5 feet tall

This isn’t a fact that is not known by everybody. After seeing such a graceful and tall lady in the portraits, no one can imagine that she was only 5 ft. Even though this doesn’t matter but still have you ever imagined that our Queen Victoria was so short.

2. Proposed her husband

Yeah that’s true. She was the one who proposed her husband, Prince Albert. Basically girls wish their boyfriends to propose them but our queen Victoria had the confidence and she decided to propose him rather than waiting for her special day to come. Moreover he was her 1st cousin, son of mother’s brother. She proposed him when she was only 16 years old. I must say she had guts.

3. Raised by single mother and later became one

Queen Victoria was the only child of her parents. Her father, Edward, duke of Kent, died when she was not more than one year. So she was raised by her mother, Victoria Saxe-Saalfield-Coburg, The duchess of Kent only. There were many family issues after the death of her father still then her mother raised her well. When her husband, Prince Albert died cause of typhoid fever in 1861, Victoria descended into depression but soon she recovered and took charge of her children by her own.


4. The first known carrier of ‘hemophilia’

Hemophilia, a blood clotting disorder caused by mutation on the X chromosome, can be passed along the materline line in the family; men are more likely to develop it, while women are usually carriers. Queen Victoria was carrier of this disease and her son and her grandson died cause of this disease. Later on this disease was named as the ‘Royal disease’.

5. Six serious assassination attempts

Almost 6 attempts were done to kill her. Not by one person, many people tried to kill her and all the attempts were done when she was in her carriage. Finally she was shot by an insane Scottish poet named Roderick Maclean who shot Victoria with a pistol.

6. Always wore black

Her husband died in December 1861. She went into depression after that. Even though there were rumors that she married her Scottish butler but it was never proven. So she decided to wear black whole life and no other color to show her perpetual state of mourning.

7. Spoke German till the age of 3

Even though she was born in England, she spoke German till the age of 3. After that she was taught other languages.

8. Long life with 9 children

She had 9 children and after her husband’s death she raised them on her own. She suffered one of the major drawbacks of such a long life, tragically outliving three of her own children. She became grandmother at the age of 39 and great grandmother twenty years later.

9. Started tradition of wearing white in wedding

Before her marriage, women used to choose the best dress as her wedding dress but queen Victoria started this tradition of wearing white on the wedding day.

10. Journal writer

She started writing when she was 3 yrs old. Her mother checked her journals till she became the queen. She kept this diary throughout her life and her last entry was made just 10 days before her death. She filled up 121 on an average, wrote 2000 words per day. Before queen died, she insisted that after death, one of her children would go over her journals and sensor anything that might be considered as improper. Her daughter did that and after her censorship, most of her original journals were destroyed.

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