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Journey to our 25th Valentine’s Day

Love is not a bed of roses and now I understand this phrase very well.

I felt the enormous love along with the severe pain of our separation. True love never dies? Yeah, I guess so. I won’t say that it is too long of enjoying togetherness because now also we need to walk many miles. Our love will be successful only when we will take our last breath together in each other’s arms. Because I don’t want to live any single moment when you are not with me. That moment will not be less than a punishment for me in which you won’t be there.

Our relationship is not a serious romantic type of relationship. It’s different, completely different. It’s cute, funny and funky type of relationship. There is no hesitation between us. We are like free birds who can fly in the whole sky anywhere but we know that we are going to end up with each other only.

I still remember our first Valentine’s Day. We were so shy at that time. I gifted you a pen, it was too embarrassing for me. But you nailed it perfectly with that cute pink teddy, musical card and with that stuffed red heart. 25 years are passed but till now I have those gifts and are always close to my heart. It always feels that yesterday only we met and our love story feels so fresh to me.  There are many love stories but ours is best.

For a successful relationship both love buds should show some effort always to stay with each other. They should always make each other feel special because this always keep the freshness of the relationship.

As flowers need water for keeping themselves fresh, similarly to prevent the relationship from staling some kind of appreciation and love after some duration is very important. Loving is easy but keeping it is the most difficult part of the relationship. Meeting daily or talking daily is not important but how you meet or how you talk matters. Some kind of personal space is required too. Every relation is dependent on the trust, if trust is not there then nothing is there.

All these rules of love were followed by us and that’s why our love is still blooming and will bloom forever. Do you remember that when we just started to date then everyone used to say that our relation won’t go further but we made it, we have closed their mouths with our enormous love. Now we are happily married and are the parents of 2 grownup kids too. Like a normal couple we faced many ups and downs too but we survived it together like a warrior. We smelled the aroma of rose but the thorns of it pinched us too. I have learnt one thing that whenever you feel like saying, “I love you” then just say it without giving it a second thought. When these 3 magical words are spelled with feelings then they work as miracle and can leave anyone blushing.

Before becoming husband and wife, it’s important to become friends who can share everything. We are besties who can share each and everything. Whenever you are not there and I feel like hugging you then I simply wrap my arms around myself and remember our previous hugs. This gives me strength and ability to control myself to stick around you. I was a clingy girlfriend but as the waves passed through our feet we became more mature and handled the life more beautifully.

Right now, I am writing it for you and you are telling the bed time stories to our kids. You are the best father and the best life partner a person can dream of. I just love you and through this I just wanted to express it. I love you and will always do and will love to celebrate every valentine’s day with you.



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