team is a group of people linked in a common purpose. A team becomes more than just a collection of people when a strong sense of mutual commitment creates synergy, thus generating performance greater than the sum of the performance of its individual members. Each team is combination of different type of  people with different nature. Every individual has different qualities  and these different qualities combine to form a team .

Plant= A plant in a team is valued for their ability to come up with strange and innovative solution. He can also be considered as innovator.  These types of people like to spend most of their time quietly working alone. This is because working alone helps them to find a solution of their problem. Most of the time these type of people give solution to various problem faced by the group. So these types of members on a group are the combination of innovator and problem solver. The only problem with them is that they may have trouble in communicating their ideas to other member of the group.

Resource investigator =these type of people have inbuilt Wikipedia as they are excellent net-workers who express themselves clearly and they vigorously pursue opportunities outside the team. The make the other people work easily. These types of people are very important to the team as they practically perform all the jobs that were only done in papers. The only disadvantage with these types of people is that they tend to lose momentum towards the end.

Coordinator= they are the lifeline of the team. They are natural chairperson. They are able to detach themselves from the details. Their main aim is to see the bigger picture. They are mature and are good at delegating. They help the rest of the team to reach decisions. Their management and delegating power results in leaving their own attentions towards their work as they started giving more attentions to others work rather than their own work.

Shaper= their spur their team into action. You have to tread carefully with these people as they thrive to put pressure and challenge to the others and often get results by pushing other hard to do the same. In the drive to do things done, they may upset the other team member by treating them unfairly.

Team worker =these type of members in a team work closely with everyone. They like to steer clear of confrontation. They are good listener and can help to calm situation by talking through the problems with the colleagues. However, as they don’t like taking sides, they may find it difficult to take decisions.

Complete finisher =they are considered to be perfectionist of the team. They take themselves very seriously as they keep themselves up to the schedule and maintaining quality are equally important to them. They pay painstaking attention to details. They are very particular about the job performed by other members of the group. Colleagues may have trouble related to them as they are poor delegators and they tend to work excessively about minor details.

Monitor evaluator =they are good at judging the situation due to a great ability to analyze logically. They asses periodically and look at all the available options objectively. However there work can fall short of expectation as they can lack drive and find it difficult to relate passionately at their work.

Implementer =An implementer is a person who implements something and put into practice. These type of people  are very discipline and can be relied on  to perform to high level and to cope up  with  things practically. They tend not to deviate from a set path and can find it difficult to take new idea on board.

Specialist=they are highly skilled and are usually viewed positively for providing specialized knowledge. They tend not to see the bigger picture focusing on technicalities.


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