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10 things you can do to utilize your time productively

They say that life’s too short. You can’t do everything. You can’t be everything. You can’t appease everyone. So, make the most of the little time you have. All of us go through a stage in our lives where we are waiting for something to happen that would spark or kick-start our career. It could be- the result of our examination, or an appointment letter for a job, or a call from a university. Some also take a sabbatical in their lives. So, while the wait continues, there are a few things that you can do by which you can productively utilize your free time simultaneously enhancing your skills in different arenas!

233c3a04fa7792878d07b1068d58de3cEven if you don’t want to pursue it for long, learn the basics. Be a beginner and later on when you get busy, develop it as a hobby. If you don’t have a partiality for any specific music instrument, then go for keyboard, it is the easiest to play. Moreover, music calms you and drives the negative radiations away.

  • Join an NGO- local or national

utuado_children_01534uAn NGO does not demand much from you, you do it voluntarily. Many NGOs ask you to come a day per week and many for only certain projects. When you work for it, you will realize that you are becoming the reason for someone else’s smile that kind of contentment and happiness is worth living for.


  • Watch serials on the Internet

9463d52607628f0dcdef42c99f193310_interrupt_2The internet cult is budding beautifully and for a reason. There are many videos and serials on the internet quite different from the daily soaps on Indian television. They are not only entertaining but if you actually watch them closely, they will force you think, to reflect. It mirrors the current state of our society and addresses the complexity of the relationships in the life of Gen-X. TVF in India is doing a great work there.

  • Watch American and British Tele-series

friendsThere are a myriad of television series and the reasons to watch them cannot be put in words. In my lame efforts I can only say that those should be in your bucket-list whether or not you are free. It is something you should do before you die. Some that I can list here would include- F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, Suits, to name only a few!

  • Pen-down your thoughts

downloadThere are many websites, buddymantra being one of them, which gives opportunities to many writers who want to share something useful and meaningful or exercise their creativity and share it with the world. If you think you can write, type your thoughts then join a portal and let yourself loose.

  • Join a sport

MUMBAI, INDIA - OCTOBER 16, 2006: Basketball - Punjab skipper Jagdeep (15) is fenced by Indian Army's Jai Ram Jat (13) and Jaswant Singh (8) during their match in the Ramu Memorial Basketball Tournament at Indian Gymkhana. (Photo by Ritesh Uttamchandani/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)Even if you are not a sports lover, join one. A Sport is not just about teaching you the techniques of playing it or about the wins and losses. It teaches you a lot more countless things, the most important being dealing with losses, defeat and depression.

  • Learn a new language

the-benefits-of-learning-a-new-language1Learning a new tongue could be a lot more fun! There are courses of 3-6 months or even a year where you can learn a new language by attending classes once a week. You can also opt for distance learning programmes in Urdu, Persian, German, French etc.

  • Light cooking

laxman-fast-foodIf you love cooking, develop it as a passion. If you are not very good at it then watch several YouTube videos. You don’t have to drain your money in cooking classes. YouTube teaches you hundreds and thousands of dishes, snacks and drinks which are very easy to cook.

  • Read more

Disclosed book on table at libraryBe a reader. Search online for e-books or buy books matching your taste and develop a habit of reading them.

  • Play G.K and word building games

 productively If you like to play and you have been wasting your time playing games on your cell-phones and laptops then there is way by which you can make learning a lot more fun. Download games where you can play quiz and at the same time learn or download some word-building and vocabulary games! ‘Quiz up’ is one such game which connects you to random opponents from people across the world. You can interact, make friends and at the same time learn a lot.

So, if you have a blank space, fill it with colours of your choice.


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