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Being in love, in a relationship is like being In heaven. Even though that heaven turns to hell in some years but being with a beautiful personality is a lifetime achievement. Well, I won’t bluff much, but have you ever dated a Leo? May that is a Leo lady or a Leo man, being with a Leo is an  “flag level ca achievement”. Seriously I am not bluffing. If you had dated, you would have known. Well, it’s ok if you haven’t, cause I am going to make you feel how is that heavenly feeling to date a Leo lady. Brace yourself, cause I don’t want you to fall in the middle.

1.Honest Like Hell

Honesty run in the blood of a Leo. They just hate lies. Lies are like their biggest enemies. They believe in simple living so they prefer to be honest. So is a Leo lady. She would fight by you if you are honest throughout your relationship but the moment she senses your denial then my friend you are in a danger. But as per me, you won’t get a honest girl than a Leo.

  1. Differentiates Between Private And Public

I have seen many times couple fighting in public places. That’s very sad cause the problem lies between you two so why would you include the whole world in it? Well a Leo lady knows how to keep things private and what things should be publicized. She might be angry with you like anything but she won’t let anyone else sense it and blame you. Even they don’t get involved in too much public display of affection cause they believe some things should only be done in private. Cool, isn’t it?

3.Buy A Girlfriend, Get A Best Friend Free

Never heard of such offer right? Well this offer is only applicable on the product called “Leo girlfriend”. A Leo lady is not only your girlfriend she is your mother, your buddy, your best friend and sometimes your father too. When a Leo lady gets involved in a relationship, they love to take things cool and make such an environment which would make you feel more like friendly rather than the pressure of a relationship.

  1. “Bhaad Me Jae Looks”

Well looks were never a subject of concern for a Leo lady. They don’t care whether you are “brad pit” or “amitabh bacchan” unless or until your heart is pure and clear. They believe in simple pure love and love is done with hearts not with looks. I am Leo too so I can say this with 100% guarantee that we don’t care about your looks.

  1. Protective To The Power Infinity

This point may scare you but this is really a good point of a Leo lady. They care too much for their beloved. As told earlier Leo lady can be your mother too. So she becomes protective like your own mother. Sometimes she can be very possessive but afterwards you will understand she was never wrong. She is a girl, that to a Leo, so she knows how a girl thinks. So always trust a Leo girlfriend.

  1. Too Much Of Liberty

You might find me contradicting my previous point but a Leo lady may become too much liberal sometimes. Its’ not like she don’t care, but unless she senses danger she won’t bind you with her “dupatta” every time. A Leo trust a lot. If you win their trust, believe me you are the luckiest person in this world. But don’t you dare break it or else get ready biggest nightmare ever.

  1. Leo Don’t Cheat

This is a true fact. A leo never cheats. They don’t find any point in cheating on their beloved. They are always honest. so if they are facing any problems in a relationship they try talking to you rather than cheating on you. So be assured that your girlfriend is a lioness and lioness never cheat.

  1. Respect Is All She Need

This might shock you but a leo never demands anything in a relationship. She owns a thing called ‘self respect’ that makes them understand that respect is the only thing that a person needs. So love a Leo , respect her, you will get the greatest partner of all time.

9.Perfect “Bahu” For Your Mom

Parents Chatting with Child and Spouse

Funny? No this is really cute. Didn’t get it? I meant Leo lady is damn good with parents. Consider it as a god gift, but they are really smooth when it comes to your parent. It’s like they have got a unbelievable convincing power. The thing you may not be able to make your parents understand for like 1 year, she can get that thing done in like 1 hour. Man you just got lucky here !!!

10.She Is Hurt But Still Smiles

Well this is a thing that every girl owns but Leo lady is blessed with a high dose of this power. It’s like you might have hurt her like anything but when it comes to your happiness, her tears never become hindrance in the path of your future. She never holds grudges rather she would do anything to make you smile. 🙂

Got a leo lady? You just got lucky for life 🙂

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