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Best Fantasy Cricket App and Sites in India

Who said that cricket is confined to playgrounds and stadiums only? Why squander your cricket knowledge amidst the pandemic? You can now use your cricket knowledge and make money while you play through popular fantasy cricket applications. The money earned is not merely a score in your game rather, it’s real cash in hand. So, what are you waiting for?

Here is a rundown of fantasy cricket sites and apps, you can test your skills with.

Fantasy Cricket
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With over 7 million fantasy players, Fanfight is one of the biggest platforms for fantasy cricket in India. You can earn cash easily by creating a team of 11 and winning over them. Moreover, you can choose the best players in the line-up by selecting the safe edit option amidst the game. It is absolutely safe and secure with the Indian Federation of Sports and Gaming (IFSG).

Dream 11

Dream 11 is a cricket prediction fantasy application that gives a sign-up bonus of Rs 100 and Rs 100 on referring your friend. It incorporates 3 forms- One Day International, Twenty20, and Test Cricket. Create an 11 man team and opt for the best-skilled batsmen, bowlers, and fielders along with a captain and vice-captain. In the end, four teams would be qualified in accordance with their game-play. Then, the top two teams would play against each other.


Some people have extraordinary skills in terms of batting while some are great bowlers. Accordingly, Ballebaazi has an opportunity for every skill by providing 3 types of fantasy games i.e., Normal, Batting, and Bowling. In the classic fantasy, select 11 players from 2 squads (maximum 7 from each), and 5 players from the 2 squads in batting fantasy (maximum 3 from each). Likewise, follow these steps for bowling fantasy.


Grandleagues is a newly launched fantasy cricket application that enables you to play practice matches absolutely. It aims at making you proficient and confident for accomplishing real cash prizes that can be achieved by making a minimal registration fee. With a new application comes less competition and more rewards along with an experience absolutely free of cost. Firstly register if not signed up, opt for a match, and create a team of 11. Finally, enjoy paid or free matches as per your inclination.

My Team 11

Accessible as an application as well as a website, My Team 11 is one of the most played and popular fantasy cricket applications in India. Despite being used by millions of players across the country, it has a low competition rate that provides you with more winning opportunities. Choose a wicket-keeper 3-5 Batsman, 2-3 all Rounders, and 4-5 bowlers for a perfect team of 11. As soon as your winning amount reaches Rs 200, you get to withdraw real cash.


This fantasy application has a bit unique and interesting functioning as instead of cashback money, you get 1000 gems that can be spent on your players. The newly launched application is making its name in the virtual cricket world with its excellent user interface and authenticity. The selection of the team would be regular. Keep in mind that the squad must be made within 1000 gems only.

Nostra Pro

You do not need to have relevant cricket skills for this one rather, some clairvoyant skills might work. Join, predict, answer and win! It’s that simple and a win-win case. Moreover, you get a sign-up bonus of Rs.100 and Rs.20 + 30% off on the referral entry fee by referring to friends. You have positive points for the correct answers and negatives for incorrect ones. Accordingly, you get paid as per the total score. Also, there are a few power-ups like doubler, no negative, and audience polls that work as lifelines to enhance your score.


You must be well aware of the biggest Indian gaming platform, Gameskraft. Gamezy is one of the most rewarding fantasy games from this platform that ensures a minimum reward of Rs 50 for all. Being a newly launched app, it consists of fewer users that in turn calls for more rewards. It consists of the team making along with different contests like cricket quizzes.


Being a part of the quickest version of fantasy cricket, Daily Fantasy Sport, this application gives you access to win back-to-back cash prizes after every game. Furthermore, the application features some unique points like editing the team after the toss, earning by sharing your own referral code, tracking live matches, and so forth.

11 Wickets

Promoted by huge celebrities, 11 Wickets is a renowned and reliable label in the fantasy cricket world. It provides access to a 100% bonus utilization league to earn guaranteed cashback by selecting an upcoming match, opting for 11 best of the best team members, and a reliable captain for the team.


Who doesn’t like to earn money without working hard and that too when it comes with cashback up to Rs 50,000. Mobile Premium League is one such application that is as interesting to play as its name. Renowned cricketers like Virat Kohli have been associated with MPL that makes it all the more authentic. For additional cashback, you get offers like spinning the wheel and trying your luck through the application.

Paytm First Game

Popular by the name ‘GamePind’, it was launched by the biggest e-commerce company, Paytm. It offers luck games like spin the wheel and pass the bomb along with quizzes related to cricket alongside fantasy cricket games without a room for doubt. You get Paytm points as well with astonishing offers related to signature brands, restaurants, tickets, etc. This one is suitable for the people who dread the authenticity of such games.


FanMojo runs around a relatively different and unique concept which makes it easier for non-cricketers as well. You do not need a team of 11 rather, a team of 5 works quite well. From Twenty20, One day International and Test match to Under 19 men’s and women’s tournaments, you can create your own batsmen teams and win amazing cash prizes.


This one does not incur any losses as you earn up to Rs 200 as a sign up amount and Rs 100 as a referral code. The virtual game play pattern is the same as other fantasy applications. The steps include opting a team of 11, a vice captain and a captain who thereafter give X2 and X1.25 points to the players. It does not offer any unique functioning except for the high returns on referrals.


 It is a one-stop fantasy cricket application wherein you give and fulfill challenges given by the opponent team. It’s a win-win if you score a bigger margin than your opponent and the cash prize reaches your wallet instantly. Additionally, you have the authority to decide whether to keep the challenges private or public.

Indian laws on fantasy sports

As per the Indian Law, Fantasy Sports is permitted all over India except few states namely, Assam, Sikkim, Nagaland, Andra Pradesh, Odisha, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. Fantasy sports companies need to restrict users under the of 18 to engage on their platforms.

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