What is Coronavirus and Remedies to Protect Yourself

Novel Coronavirus is springing up worldwide. World health organizations(WHO) also declared this as a Pandemic disease. This virus is the family member of two other viruses Mers and Sars.Coronavirus(COVID-19) causes severe infections from the common cold, fever, cough to respiratory illness. Moreover, researchers still investigate this contagious disease about its outbreak that started in China.

Know more about coronavirus and what are the remedies to protect yourself.

Origin of Corona Virus  

The novel Coronavirus originated in a seafood market where wildlife was sold illegally. COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, China. Over 5,800 people died from the disease and now the infection is spreading fast all over the country. 

How does it Spread 

The new coronavirus spread infection from person to person through coughing and sneezing. Hence, it is spread possibly by touching a contaminated surface where droplets are live for a few days, then touching hand mouth, nose or eyes.  

Symptoms of Corona Virus

The virus can cause illness from mild symptoms to severe illness. Symptoms may occur 2-14 days which includes-



Dry cough 

Difficulty in breathing

Body ache

Running nose



Currently, there is no vaccine or treatment to prevent this pandemic disease. But, researchers are still working on searching for medicines and treatments for the novel coronavirus. More likely, People with the weekend immune system especially older or infant may develop a more serious infection. Therefore our care is in our hands. 

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Remedies to protect yourself and fight against coronavirus

Man is washing hands with soap. Coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19
Man is washing hands with soap and hot water at home bathroom sink. Guy is cleaning hands. Hygiene for coronavirus outbreak prevention. Covid-19 pandemic protection by washing hands frequently

 Ayurveda expert suggests home remedies to prevent contagious disease. Therefore they advise to consume medicinal herbs such as amla, shilajit, is helpful in improving the immune system. Moreover, Giloy has symptomatic treatment and has antivirus, antibacterial properties to prevent us from diseases like flu, cold, fever, etc. Hence, it is advisable to take Giloy juice with Haldi, Tulsi, and kalimirch helpful for those are infected by a coronavirus. At this time, prevention is better than cure so, try to increase the immune system by performing some basic yoga.

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Those who are not yet infected, they can boost their immune system by practicing pranayama and yoga asana to protect themselves. As the virus infects the respiratory organs and causes severe illness. In addition, Pranayama prevents us from communicative disease and non-communicative diseases, etc. There are five pranayamas which are needed to be practice regularly to increase the immune system and cleanse the respiratory system. 

1.      Bahastrika – It is the most important breathing technique that detoxifies the respiratory system. It improves breathing and cleanses body and mind. Therefore, practice it 3-5 minutes every day to reap the benefits of Bhastrika and enhance immunoglobulin.

2.      Kapalbhati- It means a brightening skull. Though, the Kapalbhati is the most powerful pranayama which requires inhale and exhale forcefully. Hence, regular practice fights with respiratory illness along with that it also prevents illness and allergies. Do it at least 5-10 minutes to strengthens the diaphragm and abdominal muscles. This powerful exercise that supplies oxygen entire body.

3.      Anulom-Vilom- it is also known as alternate breathing techniques which are quite ideal to fight problems like asthma and respiratory problems. In addition, one can practice regularly to detoxify the body because of alternative inhale and exhale helps in balancing the blood circulation inside us.

4.      Udgeeth – It is the simplest exercise among all pranayama. It is good to cure depression, lack of concentration and fight with brain-related problems.  

5.      Bhramari – This is one of the pranayama techniques and also known as humming bee breathing. This helps in releasing stress, frustration, anxiety as the vibration sound is very effective for calming. 

 Along with Pranayama, one can practice Suryanamaskar of sun salutation for 5 minutes that stimulate the whole body and regulate blood flow. 

  • Aids in cardiovascular health
  • An excellent exercise for weight loss management
  • Increase flexibility and strengthen the muscles
  • Boost the immune system
  • Enhances cognitive functions
  • Stimulates the nervous system
  • strengthens the body, calms the mind and Improves overall health

Five asanas need to practice regularly to increase the immune system to fight with coronavirus. 

  1. Tadasana- Tadasana or Mountain pose is the most effective yoga asana that improves posture This exercise prepares you for other yoga poses. It increases body awareness, strengthens your legs, keeps the body active and strengthens the spine. 
  2.  Trikonasana- It is a standing pose where practitioners need to keep their eyes open to maintain a proper balance. This asana is ideal for stretching several muscles in the body and improves their functionality. 
  3.   Mandukasana – It means frog posture. Mandukasana is an ideal asana which is ideal for massaging abdominal organs and flatten your stomach by burning the fats from the belly. Also good for chest and control diabetes by stimulating the pancreas.
  4. Bhujangasana- It is the most quintessential heart opening asana and helps in correct postural imbalances. Bhujangasana stretches muscles in the shoulders, chest along with improves blood circulation. 
  5. Dhanurasana- Dhanurasana is also known as Bow Pose which is an excellent back stretching exercise. Dhanurasana is one of the 12 basic Hatha Yoga poses that help in stretches the backbone and reducing belly fat. As well as, it also good for the respiratory organ by cleansing and opens the chest as well. 

In conclusion

Though the world is conscious about coronavirus as this pandemic disease spreading fast all over the country. No researchers or doctors yet not find any treatment or vaccine against this contagious disease. This virus invades easily through nose, eyes, mouth and causes respiratory illness and weakens the immune system. Therefore it is advisable to increase the immunoglobulin to fight with pathogens that invade our body and cause severe respiratory illness. Undoubtedly, Practicing pranayama and yoga asana everyday produce antibodies that fight with pathogenic bacteria and viruses. 

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