15 Ways T0 Start Your Day Positively

How many of you actually have a good morning every day? Imagine you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is switch on your data. You suddenly see a rejection proposal from a company. How do you feel? Feel like breaking apart? Isn’t it? Everyone does. But remember, you will feel exactly the same thing throughout the day. If you are late one day, skip your breakfast and hurriedly catch the bus, then remember that you are late the whole day. A morning gone wrong makes the whole day go wrong. Your whole day is a reflection of your morning hours.

So you need to start your day with positivity, in order to carry positivity throughout the day. Here are 15 ways you can try to give yourself a positive kickstart every day.

1. Journal your thoughts

Take out 10 minutes from your day and write all your good or bad thoughts in your journal. Whether you had a bad dream or any sort of anxiety, just release it onto your journal and be free from its grip. Believe me, you will feel so light after that. Journaling makes your thought process clearer and helps you take decision effectively.

2. Feel happy

Feel happy about all the good things in your life. Every morning when you wake up from bed, visualize a situation that makes you truly happy. Your brain has the ability to change your thought process and lift your mood. Inducing some happy emotions in the morning keeps you joyful throughout the day.

3. Express gratitude

Not everybody gets a chance to see a beautiful morning. So be thankful for this wonderful morning you woke up to. Express your gratitude to God with a short prayer or by journaling. Watch your family members do their daily chores and feel happy about their presence. Believe me, you have the potential to do much more than you know.

4. Cherish something beautiful


Be it a flower, music or a painting, you can cherish whatever you like. Look at your favorite flower and contemplate its beauty. Or, you can also play your favorite music. These will surely uplift your mood and make you feel positive. Take a minute or two and appreciate the beauty around you.

5. Smile to yourself

feel happy

It’s said that a genuine smile can abate pain and makes a person feel better. Why not try this on yourself? Every morning after you freshen up, go in front of your mirror and smile. Smile at the most beautiful person of your life. Smile for a minute to yourself, however difficult it might feel.

6. Stay away from smart phone

Keep your wake-up hour away from the blue light. The incessantly-popping notifications on your phone can excite your mind and interrupt your peace. Do this at least for once and you will see how positive you will feel, sans these mind-draining devices.

7. Avoid newspaper just after you wake up

Some of you must be having the habit of reading the newspaper as soon as you open your eyes. Try to delay it for an hour or two. Go for your newspaper reading after you complete your ‘feel positive’ ritual. A piece of bad news can be peace-intruding especially for people who are very sensitive.

8. Stay connected to yourself

You interact with a lot of people every day whether you are in school, colleges or at your workplace. But how often do you spend time to connect to yourself? Before you start your work, find some time every day to introspect. Analyze your daily activities and check if you have missed out something.

9. Meditate everyday

15 Ways T0 Start Your Day Positively

Spend five minutes of your day to relax. Take three deep breaths and sit comfortably in a quiet place. Close your eyes and observe your thoughts without getting involved. Or if you are more of a music person, you can try mantra meditation. Chant your favorite mantra 11-21 times and feel it resonating in your whole body. Mantras have healing powers which impart positivity to your energy system.

10.  Take a brisk walk

A bit of important advice that every doctor will suggest is the morning walk routine. A brisk morning walk elevates your ‘happy hormones’ and makes you feel positive throughout the day. Let the positivity flow through your cells and nerves. In addition to this, it also keeps your body fit and healthy. It also keeps lethargy and idleness at bay.

11.  Keep your smartphone’s wallpaper motivating

This is an interesting way to keep yourself motivated and affirmative throughout the day. Change your phone’s wallpaper today with an inspiring quote written on it. Whenever you look at the phone, voluntarily or involuntarily, you will look at this quote and feel encouraged. This is a wonderful way for those who have the tendency to check their phones every now and then.

12.  Wake up to an uplifting tune

Set a soothing melody as your alarm tone so that every morning you wake up smoothly without being jerked by a loud noise. As I mentioned earlier, sounds are vibrations which have a certain frequency. A pleasant sound usually shifts your vibrations into a higher level and tunes you to a more positive state of mind.

13.  Read a good book


You must have heard of a famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson – “A man is known by the books he reads.” The teachings of a good book will reflect in your words and deed and keep you motivated throughout the day. Apart from this, you can also read articles from blogs and websites you subscribe. So pick your favorite book today and go for it.

14.  Do some yoga or exercise

physical health
Mixed race woman practicing yoga in park

You can choose either of these or both. While some people are more of a yoga-person, some usually prefer daily workout. This is a great way to keep your endorphin flowing, inducing a happy feeling in you. Once you build your enthusiasm and make this a habit, it will keep your mind strong and won’t let it drain easily.

15.  Follow a self-care routine

It is well said that your mind is connected to your body, which is why a healthy mind keeps your body healthy, and vice-versa. Take some me-time in the morning to pamper your body. An instant shower sheds some of the negative vibrations linked to your body, thus making you feel fresh and rejuvenated. So take a shower, complete your skincare routine and pick up your favorite dress.

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