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For each and every  who works in and around this  fashion world, it is momentous to be able to avow and to see convivial and cultural motion,  in order to perceive the fashion environment and to be adroit to act in the  aberration in assiduity  which the  fashion aberration will persuade. Being able to antidate what will betide in the nearest futurity is what puts a fashion designer, a huckster or a fashion buyer in the thesis to make better firmness in their drudge. And in this, fashion is not at all a segregate assiduity but is associated to the remnant of our spirit. Fashion stretches beyond garments and into the mode we prefer to subsist our lives. Lifestyle is how we correspond, how we ramble, how we embellish our abode, how we consume and how we dress.

fashion-cultureLifestyle and trends are strongly impel by social-cultural alterations, such as modernization, technological change and also by masterly  motion. Trend resolution looks at the interaction of shifts in fashion, consumer lifestyle and culture and is a skeleton for intellect and expound fashion alterations. It is significant to accomplish is, that trends are made by community, who on distinct levels procure involved with distict artistic environments.

In order to apprehend a fashion trend, we need to be observant of what will encompass us in mete of our social-cultural mode of livlihood.The growth of fresh trends generally involves various sources, which influence our cultural live and lifestyle.These main sources are lofty culture, pop culture and low culture.

salwar-indian-suitLofty culture refers to elite agilities such as optical trade like painting and carving, other forms of art, such as music and art, but also employed art like photography, architecture and design. Art is a yield of human excercise, made with the purpose of instigating the human senses, as well as the human brains by carrying  emotions or concepts. In terms of fashion afflatus, these emotions and concepts can later endure a farther progress and tend to fresh cut of inspirations and concepts, in the sheath of a designer. 

denim1Prevailing culture, or pop culture, is a cultural fragment, which is persued, understood and valued by a larger audience. Pop culture is highly influenced by celebrities and comprises the diurnal interactions and cultural ‘moments’ that forms the everyday lives of the mainstream. This culture is seen as a mercantile culture, mass-produced for mass destruction. 

In the last years mass media has increased the exposition and power of celebrities.

LIFESTYLECelebrities are a kind of role models; their appearence are research and copied by a lot of people, which makes them very pleasing to fashion companies who try to spot their products on them.This year we heed a strong trend in replacing models by Hollywood stars in fashion advertising. Fashion brands want to employ the glam of bollywood actresses to cast that glam on their products and at the same time to exhibit that pleasure is doing well during this economic exigency.

The third culture level is the abject culture. It comprises topical street movements like Hip Hop or other clusters outside the mainstream.The sway of low culture to fashion can be clearly diocese from the 70ties to present day.  It may be rigid to remember certain styles as subcultures because their appearance is swiftly approved by mass culture for mercantile purposes.

To remark the road is of equivalent importance than to keep updated with fine arts and as well the pop culture.None of these three cultures lives in segregation and each may influence the growth of the other and even they sway the fashion environment development of trends.

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