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6 useful health tips

Do you know that certain habits that you develop in your everyday life unintentionally, can inevitably cause some serious health hazard? When made aware of, it might seem some kind of a mockery or joke and you might dismiss it without sparing a thought. In this article, you will not only read about some of those silly mistakes and their grave consequences but also about some astoundingly simple home remedies for general health issues like gastric problems or acidity. You do not have to resort to some allopathic medicines or visit a doctor. These remedies are highly effective and work in seconds.



  1. Drinking water while standing

    – Most of us drink water while standing in the kitchen or when we are out hanging with friends or even randomly just anywhere. Even in the wildest of your dreams you could never have thought how immensely dangerous the consequences can be in the long run. Drinking water while standing makes the movement of water through the organs brisk and rapid. It flows at such great speed that it doesn’t filter the harmful particles and carries it along only to deposit it in the lower organs of your body like kidney or bladder. It can cause stones to develop in the kidney and cause a lifelong stomach and heart problems. It can also cause incurable knee pains. Although it might take several years but when that happens, it will become difficult for a doctor to help you.

  2. Long hours in-between food intake

    The work culture and tough life of the working populace make it difficult for them to keep a check on the timely intake of food. Even if they eat healthily, it doesn’t work and at times causes severe stomach ache or a headache. The reason is simple. No matter how healthy you eat if you cannot eat something at an interval of two to three hours, it is bound to cause problems. You will gain weight in spite of eating less and it will also cause gastric issues. On the other hand, if you eat at an interval of 3-4 hours, even if it is something very light, you will lose weight as a result of the thermogenic effect of food.

  3. Taking milk empty stomach

    If milk is the first thing you are taking in the morning then it is advised that you take it with a toast, a biscuit, a fruit or anything solid. Lest, it can also lead to stomach disorders.


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  • Hot Water-

    You will be astonished to know that what wonders hot water can do. Sometimes your head starts aching suddenly, or even the stomach aches out of nowhere. Well, most of the times the reason is gas formation or acidity. Will you believe if I tell you that just taking a very hot glass of water can cure the stomach ache and headache in less than a minute? It is not only good for gastric problems but for much other health and especially digestion issues. Hot water also helps you reduce weight.

  • Half milk half water

    Another simple remedy is to take a glass of milk and water mixed in equal proportions. It is also a very simple and effective means of curing gastric disorders. With no side-effects, these methods can do miracles. Although it is very important to note that the milk should be chilled or at least a little colder than room temperature and the water should be of room-temperature.

  • Carom seeds (ajwain)

    mixed with Cumin seeds (jeera)- A teaspoon of Carom seeds mixed with ¾ tsp of Cumin seeds is another effective remedy resulting in immediate relief.



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