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In his last days, Steve jobs, one of the greatest visionary to have walked on this world told Isaacson(his biographer) that the next revolution is going to be healthcare.That was in 2011. Here we are in 2016 and now if I just fall ill, I can easily talk to my doc about the app and my medicine gets delivered at my doors the very next day. Yes. There is no doubt that the healthcare revolution has started but my only concern is what form is it going to take.

It could either be a beautiful relationship between health and technology or it could turn like an arranged marriage that screws up both sides. What I mean is that there are apps that have started giving free consultations and even highly discounted medicines. It may sound good but it’s just going to ruin the whole profession.

Human perception is very changeable, for eg if tomorrow we read a news that gold is just like any other metal with very limited usage, you will see it selling cheaper than aluminum. It may sound strange but this is how the consensus works. Once you decrease the value of something it will never go up. Every professional needs to keep increasing his knowledge in order to innovate new ideas and that comes at a price. Why would any professional work if he knows at the end all he is going to get is a thank you.

But it’s not all bad. There are companies that are building an artificial intelligence app that can suggest you treatment options based on your symptoms. I bet the day is not far when your smartphone phone will scan you and let you know there is small stone developing in your kidneys and you need to get it operated ..what a cool world would that be!!!!

All we can hope for Is that there must be a company which is working hard to make it a reality and when they do ..we hope the bozos haven’t ruined the whole market with cheap apps with tons of problems.

Aaliya Thahseen
Aaliya Thahseen
Indomitable poetess, fervent writer and an unremitting rambler.

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