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    Our personal life is highly dependent on technology. With its advancement over the years, the role and impact of technology in our lives has also changed. The way we live, the way we travel and the way we learn has undergone so many changes with this technological advancement.

    Here we will discuss five different technologies whose overuse can cause much harm.



    Mobile phones, I-pads, and I-phones play a huge role as far as technological advancement is concerned. It is needless to say that these names come first when we discuss the harm that technology causes. We isolate ourselves by walking around with our I-pads or by staring at the screens of our latest mobile devices even when we are around other people. The overuse of these devices lead to unhealthy sleeping habits and thus, hearing and eye-sight problems. Studies have observed that it even reduces our lifespan. Isolated people lose the ability to read body language.


    These are indeed, things that we can’t live without, in our daily lives. But the overuse of these technologies can cause only more harm than good. Children waste a precious amount of their time on gaming and surfing the internet, which will eventually make them lazy. The improper use of the internet can also make them victims of cyber bullying. The constant streaming of violence in video games, televisions, and YouTube causes people to become desensitized to atrocities that happen in real life as well. If in earlier times, electricity had been used only for the purpose of night lighting, with the advent of technology, it is used at all times, to keep one’s gadget running.



    The Chinese and Indians are world leaders in this technology.  We demand leather products – shoes, bags, wallets, belts and the like, without ever thinking about the negative of it.  The skins of domestic and wild animals like goat, lamb, buffalo, deer, ostrich and snake are used to make such products. Sometimes animals are even poached and killed illegally for this purpose. Thus it breaks our ecosystem.


    Nuclear technology provides us with different things which include electricity and the fuel which is used in submarines and weapons, but the aftermath of it is pollution of different kinds (eutrophication and radioactive waste). We still remember the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War. Nuclear technology can cause harm that can last up to different generations – even after five decades of the incident, children born in those places are born with physical defects.


    Many empty blue and green water bottles. Shallow DOF.

    This is a technology that is most widely used. A sea change in building technology arrived in the 1950s with what is known as ‘The Age of Plastic’. From mobile phones to bottles of medicines, nowadays plastic is used to make even the most trivial of things. The harmful effect of it is that carcinogenic neurotoxins and hormone disruptive chemicals are the standard ingredients and waste products of plastic production and these find their way into our ecology through the water.

    Concluding, we can say that any technology which is used judiciously is useful. Overuse leads to harm.