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Travelling solo, Need not worry

Solo travelling

More people do not like to travel solo for obvious reasons like – loneliness and risk of managing the entire things single handedly and many more. There are pros and cons of travelling alone, but I prefer taking into consideration the pros and enjoying the trip alone all by me. When you are unaccompanied by someone on a trip you tend to be more in control, independent and aware of the whereabouts. The best part while travelling alone is that you get to travel at your own pace, taking innumerable halts at different places, eat by yourself. You stay close and connected to the surrounding when you are alone it allows you to be more open and present at the place. You go where you want you do things that interest you without anyone’s interference. Whereas when too many wanderers travel together, there are often chances of difference in opinions about travelling to a particular place, eating at some restaurant or maybe even trying out some adventure sport. Therefore travelling alone is all about spending some special time with the magnificence of the nature and being all you.

Here are some quick tips about travelling solo that would surely help you the next time you plan to travel all alone –

  • Plan in advance 

Hand writing travel plan in a lined spiral notepad arranged on a map

Now since you’ll be travelling alone, you would obviously need to plan in advance, be prepared and opened to everything.  Planning in advance will help you enjoy your trip in the best possible way. By planning, I literally mean to plan out and make an in-depth itinerary about your trip – from departure to arrival at your destination, to wisely choosing and selecting hotels, lodges or guest house for your accommodation and whichever you feel would be the safe in an unknown city, state or country. You also need to plan about where you would eat if you are travelling to another country.

  • Keep important belongings handy 

travellingThis is the most essential part of travelling solo. You need to be close to all the important belongings. If you are travelling to a different country ALWAYS keep your passport close to you, you never know when you would need it in the unknown country. Check your tickets before you start to travel; you wouldn’t want to be in a trouble and spoil your journey. Also don’t forget to check your wallet before starting your journey carry enough cash or cards for that matter.  Keep your mobile phone battery under check at all times, don’t wait for your phone to drain out of battery completely rather keep a power bank handy or an alternative cellphone along.

Don’t forget to carry a map of the place you are visiting for the first time and also try and learn a few words of the local language, trust me you’d thank me later for this free tip. Carry a small first-aid kit with all kinds of medicines while travelling. Keep an umbrella along with you if you know it’s raining in that particular place. Also don’t miss out on carrying a pull-over or a shawl if travelling to higher altitudes.

  • Pack smart 

img_2397You are going on solo trip and not going to settle there forever, so please DO NOT carry your entire wardrobe along with you. Remember you are on solo trip that is you would travel all alone and no one is going to be there to help you with your luggage so don’t take too many bags along with you. Not only carrying the luggage would be a problem but also taking care of the luggage is important at the same time. PACK WISELY it’s a free advice take it! Take only few clothes along with you. If you are travelling for a week don’t take 15-16 pair of clothes and stuff your bag. Carry one backpack with minimum number of clothes and only essentials along with you. By essentials I mean – passport, tickets, cell phone, minimum clothes, camera (obviously), compass and a map.

  • Meet the locals 

meet the localTo make your solo voyage more memorable and fun, visit the locals around your hotel or lodge; talk to them they can be the best guide for you to enjoy your stay in their city. The locals can even give you information that the internet cannot and trust me it’s often entertaining to hear some stories and incidents that they share. They can also give you some inside stories about the place you have come to visit. Learn some basic words of their local language and make a note of it so that it becomes helpful for you in your journey ahead. Get to know from the locals about some special delicacies and food joints providing them. And these locals are sweet enough and how they become your good friend in no time and make your trip worth cherishing.

  • Use public transport 

Travelling solo, Need not worry
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When travelling in unknown city, state or country it is advisable to use the public transport. There are 2 benefits of the same –

  • You are safer when you are around too many people and if something goes wrong with you, they are going to help you deal with it.
  • You get to talk to many people and passengers on board travelling with you, possibilities are that you may even end up making an unexpected friend on this journey who would accompany you through the rest of your trip.

Solo travelling is intensely personal because you are discovering yourself and exploring new places that you had anticipated to visit.   Make the most of the solo journey, it’s like your solo trip is a gift from you to you!

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