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Top 7 Indian Authors and Their Books to Read

Beginner in reading??

Are you a beginner in reading? Confused on whose books to begin with ?

Here are the top 7 indian authors books you can begin with. These authors write books in simple language and plots which help new readers to stick to reading.

1. Preeti shenoy:

 Preeti Shenoy‘s writing journey began with a blog which received overwhelming responses from her captivated readers. She started writing her blog in 2006 which gradually became popular and was offered many opportunities in local newspapers etc., which made her way as an author.

Her works:

  • 34 Bubblegums and Candies
  • Life Is What You Make it
  • Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake
  • The Secret Wish List
  • The One You Cannot Have
  • It Happens for a Reason
  • Why We Love The Way We Do It
  • It’s All in the Planets

Her third ‘Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake’ made it to the top five best-selling Indian fiction of 2012.

2. Novoneel Chakraboorty:

His specialty lies in romantic thrillers that he writes along with philosophy mixed with it. Novoneel’s first book “A Thing beyond forever” released in 2008 and won the national bestseller tag in just a few months of its release.Today, he is a full-time writer and scriptwriter.

His works:

  • A Thing Beyond Forever
  • That kiss in the Rain
  • How About a Sin Tonight
  • Ex… a Twisted Love Story
  • The Stranger Trilogy
  • Black Suits You

The Stranger Trilogy was the highest bestseller among all his works.

3. Amish Tripathi:

Amish Tripathi is an Indian author, known for his novels
  1. The Immortals of Meluha, The Secret of the Nagas,
  2. The Oath of the Vayuputras
  3. Scion of Ikshvaku

The first three books collectively comprise the Shiva Trilogy and the fourth is the first of the Ram Chandra Series. The Shiva Trilogy was the fastest selling book series in Indian publishing history and the Scion of Ikshvaku was the fastest selling book of 2015. He writes mythology.

4. Sudeep Nagarkar:

Sudeep Nagarkar is an Indian novelist and writer of fiction. All his works are contemporary reads. His first novelFew Things Left Unsaid, was published in 2011. Till 2016, eight novels authored by him have been published. He is also a motivational speaker.

His works:

  • Few Things Left Unsaid
  • That’s the Way We Met
  • It Started With a Friend Request
  • Sorry, You’re Not My Type
  • You’re the Password to My Life
  • You’re Trending in My Dreams
  • She Swiped Right into My Heart
  • All Rights Reserved for You

5. Ruskin Bond:

Ruskin Bond is an Indian author of British descent. He lives with his adopted family in Mussoorie, India. Ruskin bond has contributed innumerable contributions to English Literature.

His Famous works:

  • Our Tress Still Grow in Dehra
  • Rain in the Mountains
  • Angry River
  • The Adventures of Rusty
  • Oliver’s Diary

6. Durjoy Datta:

He is an Indian novelist, screenwriter and entrepreneur. He has also spoken in various TEDx conferences in colleges across IndiaDurjoy Datta‘s first novel, Of Course I Love You! (co-authored with Maanvi Ahuja) was released in 2008 while he was still in college. He has also written for blogs like Miss Malini and That’s So Gloss.

His works:

  • Of Course I Love You..!…Till I Find Someone Better
  • Now That You’re Rich!Lets Fall in Love!
  • SHE BROKE UP I DIDN’T!…I Just Kissed Someone Else!
  • Ohh Yes, I’m Single..!And So is My Girlfriend!
  • You Were My Crush!…till you said you love me!
  • If It’s Not Forever…It’s Not Love
  • Till The Last Breath…
  • Someone Like You
  • Hold My Hand
  • When Only Love Remains
  • World’s w̷o̷r̷s̷t̷ Best Boyfriend
  • Our Impossible Love
  • The Girl of my Dreams

7. Ravinder Singh:

Ravinder’s first book I too had a love story is based on a real-life incident of him meeting  his love life. He is now married to Khusboo Chauhan, who was one of the readers of his first novel. She was so deeply moved that she went to a Gurudwara to pray for him, without imagining that one day she would get married to him.

His works:

  • I too had a love story
  • Can love happen twice?
  • Love Stories That Touched My Heart
  • Like it Happened Yesterday
  • Your Dreams Are Mine Now
  • Tell me a story
  • This Love that feels Right
Aishwarya achu
Aishwarya achu
I am aishwarya hailing from Bangalore , with a never ending love for blogging and reading , you can always find me with a book wherever i go . My hobbies include reading, blogging, crafts and jewellery making.



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