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Top 5 Spectacular Places That Are a Must Visit in Ooty

Ooty is a land of wonder, peace and a truly splendid aura that can settle inside your being, and mingle flawlessly with your senses. This tremendous hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu, also called Udhagai, will remind you of all the little things in life that you so carelessly overlook in a busy work life. Stopping to smell the roses will not be a task due to the abundance of fragrant flowers adorning Ooty’s routes. A happy skip in your gait would be visible after a mere day in the town’s refreshing air. The heart and sky piercing mountains make for magical backdrops against which you will spend your days, in the company of nature. Let the beauty of Ooty enchant you and give you a much needed break from the concrete jungle. Visit these 5 sites that will leave you in awe of the many treasures that are contained within this quaint town.

  1. Emerald Lake

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Staying true to the valley’s name in which it rests, the Emerald Lake is one of the peaceful and quiet tourist spots of Ooty to spend magical moments. Situated a few kilometers from Ooty, this beautiful lake in the Silent Valley is a naturalistic delight. Besides a humbling greenery surrounding its waters, the lake also frequented by various bird species that keep the skies alive with their chirping. The lake itself has various fish species that you can spot merrily swimming beneath its crystal surface. The lake is also a lovely spot to enjoy sunrise and sunset, with the golden sunrays bouncing across the shimmering lake surface, a picturesque moment to be captured.

  1. Mudumalai National Park

Plunge into the dense, dark jungle under the cautious eye of trained safari experts in the Mudumalai National Park. A continuation of the Bandipur Reserve, this National Park in Ooty provides a glimpse into the untamed wildlife of India. Explore your inner wild roots as you drive through the peculiar hills, ravines and green foliage. You can easily spot various animals here including leopards, langurs and wild boars. Keep your eye above the ground for a wide range of colorful birds flying across the clear blue sky.

  1. Honey & Bee Museum

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Allowing you a peak into the tiny yet organized world of honey bees, the Honey & Bee Museum does a wonderful job. This educational and recreational place is a fun way to explore the insect world that is so crucial for the ecological balance. You can gain first-hand knowledge on how the buzzing bees are reared and how the golden honey is procured from them. The museum allows its visitors to view the bees from a distance that would be unimaginable in natural conditions, under adequate safety measures.

  1. Botanical Garden

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A sprawling landscape of circular lawns, red stone paths and hundreds of flora, the Government Botanical Gardens are a supremely delightful spot to engage yourself with nature. Spread along a gradient of the Doddabetta Peak, the garden is spread across different sections. It houses over a thousand different plant species that will offer your exploratory eyes a brand new scenery at every square inch of the garden. The endearing ponds and tiny terraces offering aerial views will keep you delighted in your visit. You can visit the nursery to have a look at some inviting and exotic plants.

  1. Doddabetta Peak


For the most stimulating experience in Ooty, trek towards the highest peak in Tamil Nadu for an unforgettable experience. Doddabetta Peak is a flattened summit, from where you can feel like you’re on top of the world. The glorious and towering Chamundi Hills are at your command once you achieve this joyous feat. The sight of the surrounding greenery and vibrant flowers make the challenging task truly worth it. To make your view even more clear, a number of telescopes are placed at the peak, helping you view the marvelous hills with clarity.

Trek, cruise and ride, Ooty is a storehouse of everything you look for in a hill station. Must explore more of this striking town apart from these top 5 tourist spots for a truly wholesome vacation.


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