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Must read Review of The Google Pixel

Pixel is an android smartphone. It is designed by Google and the marketing responsibility has also been taken by Google. It has been announced by Google on October 4, 2016. It is the first smartphone designed by Google.

Must read Review of The Google Pixel

First, the contract was given to Huawei by Google but then Google refused to maintain the dual brand name and then it declined Huawei from further partnership.



Aluminum chassis has been used for pixel and it is also having fingerprint sensor. The phone has the power and data exchange of USB 3.0 as a connector. The phone also includes 3.5 headphone jack. With this headphone jack, there is no need for the adapter. It also has 4 GB of RAM. The phone is differentiated by the two factors i.e screen and battery. Google Pixel has 20% more capacity of battery and also 32 or 128 GB internal storage.

It has motion sensors with the sampling rate of 200HZ. While a camera is active, 30 frames can be captured continuously per second in order to improve the capture speed. So 10 of the frames are used to form the single image when the photo is being captured.

Must read Review of The Google Pixel

Software :

Pixel phone is updated to 7.0 version of android. It was released with the updated version on the December 2016. Pixels provides live technical service because it is supported by the Google assistant. So by this, the phone receives android updates directly from Google. Pixel phone also supports Google daydream. It is a virtual reality platform. The phone also has the backup option for photos with pixels of unlimited resolution. Other additional features has been added on November 2016 like by double tapping on the phone, we can get alerts on the screen, motion gestures, raising the device to wake the screen, raise to wake the features.


Actually, the pixel is a wireless and projected wifi in United states. For the best price, it is also available on Google online store. Coming to the united kingdom, it is not only available on Google online but also on EE and carphone warehouse. Through Flipkart, reliance digital and Chroma, one can purchase it in India.



Pixel XL

Both Pixel and Pixel XL use the GSM of the band Penta. In the Pixel and Pixel XL again there are two modes like G-2PW4100 and G-2PW4200. So  G-2PW4200 comes under the international region. G-2PW4100 FCC id number is NM8G-2PW4100 for Pixel and for Pixel XL the id number is NM8G-2PW2100.

Both are having positive reviews. Dieter Bohn of the Verge said, “Google phone is the best android phone anyone can buy.” Also, he rated the phone 9 out of 10. But he did not like one facility that is the phone is not waterproof.

Matt Hamrick of Anandtech praised the camera. Chris Velazco praised the build quality, camera, and performance. But he did not like the expensive price. Ron Amadeo said that the phone has unbeatable software.

Must read Review of The Google Pixel


Some users said that the Pixels camera has the excessive flare. In December 2016, Google released an update to the Google Camera Android application that reportedly tried to fix the flare.

Android website also reported that the camera of the phone has the halo effect. It also didn’t working as previously so they needed to do more work on it.  Some have issues with the camera app. While capturing the photos it’s getting frozen with pink or purple vertical lines on the screen. Some are saying that their microphone is not working either from the start or in the middle of the usage. Some are having problems with the Bluetooth when they share the system with their cars. Some people are having the issues like overheating while using the microphones. Some are having issues with screen shots especially when it is received from I phones like  7 and 7 plus. Some people said that there is presence of bubbles under the screen i.e for the phone display.

So Google is currently working on these issues and some issues were fixed by them and some were not. Google is still working on the bubbles issue.

Must read Review of The Google Pixel

So friends what do you think, will the Google Pixel make its mark on the Indian Market?


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