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Top 5 Countries To Consider Relocating To For Better Quality Of Life

With all the current events, many people are looking to relocate. The future is uncertain, and many local economies are falling apart. With this, relocation serves as the ideal solution for many individuals and families searching for a better quality of life.

Efficient healthcare systems are often the reason many people decide to relocate. Health Insurance for US Expatriates is something that needs to be a priority when moving abroad. Beyond healthcare, other factors that impact the quality of life include the local economy, the general safety of the region, and the cost of living, to mention only a few.

To help you choose a country that is capable of giving you and your family the quality of life you’re searching for, we’ve listed the top five countries that rank as top choices for safety and other important reasons.


This relatively small population has been rated as the safest nation on Earth consecutively for the past thirteen years. With this comes high trust in the police force. Police officers do not carry firearms since crime is so low. Without a military, this is one of the most peaceful nations in the world.

If you seek a country with excellent equality laws, this is the place to be. There are laws in place that enforce equal pay for male and female counterparts. Almost all energy provided comes from hydroelectric and geothermal power, so the region is exceptionally advanced.

Free education to all citizens and non-citizens is available here. So, if you are looking to further you or your children’s educations without spending a large amount of money, Iceland is an excellent choice. Iceland has universal health care with no private health insurance. As a result, you will need health insurance as an ex-pat.

New Zealand

Ranking in at number two for the safest country globally, New Zealand is a hotspot for immigration. Just like Iceland, New Zealand police do not carry firearms. The locals are generally very open-minded regarding all forms of religion and very accepting of diversity. New Zealand boasts one of the best easy-paced lifestyles in the world.

Furthermore, New Zealand is the place to be if you want to live an eventful life. The locals are known to have a well-balanced work-life, but at the same time, they are renowned for their praise-worthy work ethics. A universal healthcare system is also implemented here.


Coming in third place, due to the reason that the government has increased the police force drastically in the past few years. With this, crime has dropped incredibly. The police force in Portugal carries firearms.

Portuguese healthcare may be a little different from many other EU nations. It’s still effective with free health care to all citizens under eighteen and over sixty-five. The most significant portion of the population comes from rural areas, making Portugal the country with the highest rural population in western Europe.

This region offers some of the lowest housing prices in Europe. According to ex-pat pensioners and various surveys, Portugal is also a top choice for an affordable retirement. It’s the perfect country to move to if you want peace. Portugal is known to take good care of pensioners and reduce tax once you reach a certain age offering you more opportunities to enjoy your golden years.


This nation has obtained the position at number four on the safest nations. Austria is known to have the least amount of terrorist attacks in Europe, but at the same time, it’s also a country where the citizens welcome everyone from all over the world. The health care system is mainly public, and you can get private care at a cost.

This top-rated country also offers free health care to poor or highly vulnerable people. Austria is known to have slightly more expensive housing than the rest of Europe, although the quality of life here is pretty high.


Due to low crime rates from highly trained police and the fact that Denmark is known to be one the least corrupt nations globally, this region offers ex-pats a better quality of life.

Every citizen of Denmark has free healthcare, but at the same time, people can also get private health care at an extra cost which is usually not cheap. For this reason, health insurance is a necessity for ex-pats. Although housing may be expensive here, the cost of living is suitable, education is excellent, and crime rates are ideally low.

Relocating is a big decision, and with that said, it’s crucial to consider all the important factors when choosing your destination. Calculating the cost of relocating should be your first step in making a decision. However, if you are thinking about relocating, you should align your destination with your reason for moving. For example, if you are migrating for a foreign degree, you should consider regions with an excellent education.

Furthermore, it will also be in your best interest to mentally prepare for relocation by chatting to other ex-pats in your destination country, visiting the area before moving, and others. The more effort you pour into preparing for the big move, the smoother the transition will be.

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