Top 12 Cutest Animals on the Earth


Have you ever felt annoyed anytime? But then suddenly you see something cute and all your bad emotions go away. Certainly, we all experience this in our day to day lives and we start feeling happy and contended. Cute things indeed make a positive impact on our minds. A feel-good neurotransmitter, Dopamine hormone gets released by watching cute pictures as well as other things that give us pleasure. Many cute animals around the globe make us instantly happy and also motivates us to do well in life.

So, get ready, Here is the list of 12 cute animals that can be spotted in their natural habitat. They will surely trigger a feeling of euphoria!

Pandas: Eat, Sleep, and Repeat!

Giant panda
Giant panda

They are just way too cute and cuddly as they have large eyes and a lot of fur on them. From their eating to playing around, everything they do is very adorable. Interestingly, most of their time around 10 to 16 hours is spent on eating. Though they are omnivorous, their favorite food is bamboo. They can eat 12 to 40 kilos of bamboos in a day. Pandas are born pink in the color of about 15 cms and stay with their moms for 18 months. Sadly, they are endangered and we need to protect them as only 1000 pandas are left in the world.

Fennec fox: Cartoon turned to be true!

Beautiful eurasian lynx sitting in the forest at early winter
Beautiful eurasian lynx sitting in the forest at early winter

Guess what makes it cute? Yes, it’s giant pumpkin-leaf like ears and small pointed face. These foxes are too small in size as compared to the normal fox species. They are sandy nocturnal desert foxes which are mainly found in the Sahara Desert, sandy areas of North Africa, majorly from Morocco to Egypt. Their big ears have one advantage for them that helps them to dissipate heat in the daytime in sandy areas.

Pika: Whistling hare!


Pika is a close relative of a rabbit but has a round body, and small legs. It looks endearing as it waddles more than walking. Pikas are mainly found in parts of North America and Asia. They have a special habit to carry flowers back into their burrows where they save and eat during winters. On the way back to burrows, they are also known for making a high pitched alarm sound. 

Koala bear: Sweet looking but cranky!

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Koalas have big furry ears, round head, and unique black nose which makes them more appealing. On one hand, they have poor vision but they have an excellent capability to hear. In fact, this helps them to save themselves from predators. Their main diet is dependent on the eucalyptus leaves that also contain 50% of water.

Quokka: Happiest Animal in the world!


This small cute animal is also called as short-tailed scrub wallaby native to Australia. Quokkas have a pretty smile and that’s why they are famous among the tourists. Tourists find themselves lucky to click selfies with these cheerful marsupials. They are herbivores and when food scarcity arrives, they take energy stored in their tails.

Otter: Playful Creature of all!

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Otters have a habit of playing in the water by carrying small stone and often they perform juggling with it. They keep it to themselves for many days as they form attachment towards it and also use it to break the food items. They are carnivores that mainly feed on aquatic foods. Interestingly, to maintain their metabolism rate, they consume around 11 kgs of food.

Raccoon: Bandit-masked animal!


Raccoons, a ubiquitous mammal that is native to North America and found in marshy areas, forests, prairies, and even cities. Their black marking across eyes makes them see clearly by reducing the glare. They have dexterous hands with long fingers that help them to catch their prey easily.

Marmot: Fluffy cute little balls!


Marmots usually live in high altitude regions and are found in Europe, North America, and Asia. They are really swift in nature and excellent diggers too. Their favorite food is a tender plant that they hold in their forepaws and eat quietly. Most importantly, they communicate with their friend marmots by whistles, tooth chattering, and screams.

Wombat: Stubby tailed marsupials!

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Wombats are native to Australia and the most interesting fact about them is that they too have a pouch. The pouch faces backward and they carry their younger ones in that very easily. On the earth, their poop is one of a kind that is cube-shaped. They mostly walk with little waddle but can run fast with an amazing speed of around 25 miles per hour for 90 sec. They enjoy a vegetarian diet which is hard to get digest and takes about 2 weeks to digest fully!

Red panda: Mixture of many mammals!

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Red pandas are often of cinnamon color, charismatic and furry animals. They are primarily bamboo lovers and their numbers are decreasing due to the absence of bamboo at major places in Asia. They have a strong and bushy tail that helps them to climb the trees. Also, they have a sweet tooth and do like artificial sugars.

Bottlenose dolphin: Super swimmers and friendly!

Diver scratching dolphin in water
Diver scratching dolphin in water

These beautiful marine dolphins have a curved mouth which makes them cuter and looks like they are always smiling. They are of 2-4 m in length and grey in color. Most appealing is to look at their pods, a group of 10-15 dolphins that hunt, play together, and take care of their younger ones. These spellbound creatures have capabilities like whistling to communicate with their friend dolphins, flipping in the air up to 5 m, and swim at 30 km per hour. Also, they have blowhole to breathe when they are out of the water and use echolocation to detect the objects and prey.

Eastern fox squirrel: Long bushy-tailed rodent!


These squirrels are native to North America and commonly have a blackish coat of fur. Their name depicts that they have yellow-red coloration like foxes which varies within different squirrels. During winters, they exhibit more fur on their ears and feet which makes them look cute. The most uncommon fact about these is that they have pink bones, unlike other mammals who have white!

Observing cuteness is certainly very delightful. As we can’t travel everywhere, I think these pictures and facts have surely given you the gist of cute animals and a much-needed adrenaline rush!


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