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Planning a Wedding? Here are 10 important Tips

Life is a beautiful journey, with every step unfolding an all new surprise. But what makes it adorable? What makes its every path worth crossing? What is the hidden treasure in the hardened shells, that attracts us to take up challenges and explore more? It’s the memories it gives us to treasure forever, the lessons it teaches for life, the beautiful people it makes our path cross with, and the immense pleasures in the roller coaster ride.
 One such beautiful phase is Marriage, in Life’s happening ride. The day when new knots get tied. The day equivalent to a thrilling and thundery tide. The day when to every ritual we abide. The most special day for the Groom and Bride.

This special day ought to be absolutely PERFECT. And for perfection, one needs to consider few tips so that the archer aptly hits the bull’s eye.

#Tip 1: Mould your Dreams

By moulding I don’t mean to change them according to reality, but to try and mould the dream itself into reality. Every person has one or the other wish for his/her wedding day. It’s YOUR day. So it must reflect the YOU in it. To make this come true, discuss your dreams, ideas and desires with your partner. Chart out a a perfect blend of both of your plans, and then start working upon them.

#Tip2: Budget Mantra

What if your expensive dreams don’t match up with your not so big pocket? Weddings are all about *MATCH-UPS*. The bride matching up with the groom being the core one!

Chalk out a budget that suits your finances as well is capable of fulfilling your dreams. But that doesn’t imply spilling out all your lifetime income on this one single day. Plan sensibly.

#Tip3: Venue and Menu

The place where you wish to get married will depend upon both families’ comforts and preference. It should be booked well in advance. This is because during the wedding season, where almost the entire country is busy dancing and hitting #thumkaas, a pre-booked venue gets you the desirable place with no fuss. Also, the foody guests, willing to serve their taste buds won’t leave without taunting, if the food isn’t lip smacking enough. So, check out the taste and plan out the menu well.

#Tip4: The perfect Look

A beautiful lenhnga, or a snowy gown; A decked-up happy look, to smile all the way, no reason to frown.

Your dress up needs to go with your personality and tastes. A trend of matching bride and groom dresses is on fire these days. You too can try the same. Also, don’t wear anything too heavy to carry. You’re going to sweat any way due to nervousness, heavy jewellery and makeup. So don’t add the load of clothes to it.

#Tip5: Guest List

No special day is complete without the presence of loved ones, and the blessings of the elderly. List out the names of guests you wish to give their benign presence, on this auspicious day. Personally give invitation cards to close ones. Invitations attached with a piece of gift forms a fetching combination.

#Tip6: Accommodation

Mere invitation doesn’t count. You also need to take care of the people that come to share the immense joy with you. Properly account for their accomodation and make sure that their stay therein is a comfortable one. Happy guests mean more blessings.

#Tip7: Word with Photographers

Photography is a story that one fails to put into words. Photographs are moments captured into films. Who doesn’t wish for memories to stay alive forever? They reside in our hearts for life, but photographs give them a permanent place to always embrace. Have a talk with your photographers and videographers beforehand, regarding the kind of poses you desire, the guests with whom you wish to get clicked, the moments that need to captured etc. He’ll do the obvious ones by himself. But awareness about your preferences will beautify your album more.

#Tip8: Arrangement for Rituals

Every religion has it’s own special rituals designed for weddings. Make sure that proper arrangement of the required materials, accessories, and the theist who’ll carry out the procedure are made. If your wedding is an intercast or inter-religion one, then the arrangements are going to get all the more exciting! Prepare for a blend of both rituals.

#Tip9: Back-up Plans

What if it rains? What if the food falls short? What if the photographer’s camera fails? Be prepared for every possible *What If*. Contingency plans always help. Also have some extra budget slot. You may require it for making sudden arrangements. Don’t panic, in case the plans don’t work out, as long as the happiness still stays intact.

#Tip10: Enjoy every Bit

You won’t even realize the speed with which this wedding time will pass by. It will slip like sand from your hands. Planning and implementation of those plans is one thing, but enjoying and living every bit of this emotional and special phase is absolutely the most crucial thing. Don’t sway away with the flow of tension and stress. Dance on its tunes with zeal, get an altogether new feel.

Plans are never perfect, moments are perfect. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be the way you dreamt of, it will surely gift you utter joy from the aspects you might not have ever thought of: an impromptu speech by your far off friend, father-daughter dance, etc. Just Remember! Marriage is a box of surprises.


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