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Tips for Better Management of Your Stress

Now, I’m stressed out! One will only choose to say these words when they have lost all hopes, only when one is completely broken.

What is stress?

The major cause of stress is the release of stress hormones in the body. When we are anxious, worried or nervous, our body fights it by releasing stress hormones along with adrenaline and cortisol.

Symptoms of stress

  1. Sudden increase in sweating
  2. Depression
  3. Feel exhausted
  4. Severe headaches
  5. Insomnia
  6. Chest pains
  7. Increase in heart rate
  8. Shaking with nervousness

Stress busters


  • Burn up the dance floor!


Dancing, one of the best stress busters. Just shut the door, play the song you love to dance on, increase the volume and dance like crazy! Dance the way you want as no one is watching you.


  • Listen to music


We all have those few songs that can make us forget everything we are worried about. Listening to our favorite music can help us escape stress.


  • Bring a pet home


We all love pets and to play with them. Everything becomes more lively and energetic with them. They are cute and caring and being with them one can reduce stress up to a great extent.


  • Sleep for a while


I know, taking rest or sleeping can be pretty tough at a tense situation but it is important as giving rest to your brain is very necessary at that time.


  • Talk about it


Talk about your problem to someone who is really close to you and knows you quite well. Sharing your feelings and problems with them will always help you out and maybe they find a solution to your problem.


  • A good cry


Stopping your tears will do you no good in a situation like this. A good cry is really helpful as you are letting go of your emotions that are hidden inside you.


  • Distract yourself


Do anything that you feel like doing the very moment. Don’t think, just do it! Anything that can help you distract yourself from the tension and stress.


  • Physical exercise


Indulge in any exercise or sports that you like or have an interest in. Sports and games can reduce stress in an immense way.

If even after trying the above methods stress still continues immediately visit a doctor to seek professional help. The doctors won’t suggest any medicines unless the person’s situation is critical. 

People usually have to face situations in daily life which can cause stress but it depends on us how do we fight it and move on.

Bhavya Joshi
Bhavya Joshi
I'm a student in Shiv Nadar University studying research in Chemistry. I have a keen passion for writing and the reason is that it is one of the few things that can turn on my mood. I love to play volleyball and love music.



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