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Must read Life lesson

Believe me this life that we get is worth living, a precious gift given to us. But these days we are living no less than animals.  We have degraded ourselves and the quality of our lives. We are merely living and going with the flow. World is literally bleeding. It seems like a there is going on a never ending competition of greed. Everyone is condemning the acts of others , this disease of judging people is spreading like hell.” It is like sinners judging sinners for sinning differently.  ” I firmly believe very little in needed to make life peaceful it all depends upon the way you think. You know ultimately its not the years in your life that count its the life in those years. We realy need to understand the worth of this incredible life and the worth of ways from which we can turn our lives into a bliss.

The way Out

11-13-53-inspirational-quotes-picturesFirst of all we all need to stop accusing life for its problems and struggles. These struggles shape us, turn us into someone very special. Let me tell all death is no fun and its not easy. Please stop believing in any shitt that you see or hear in movies. Make your own decisions. First follow all these life rules and then decide the best for yourself. Life is a dream if you can be wise, the most vital factor to stay happiest is mind your own business, i mean is that difficult , no , not at all. See you are responsible for yourself no one else cares, so stop expecting and judging unnecessarily , it creates  fuss. Its us who complicates the suitations and then its us only who believes in blame game. Trust me its not going to take you anywhere. If You keep doing this shitt then get it straight its a dead end for you. So in order to achieve and rise you need to compell your butts to work , and it is not that easy because they are addicted to luxury. But remember everything worthwhile in life takes hard work. You are the only controlling factor for your life and only you have the capability to make it shine. All you need to do is to learn and grow.

The survivor

11-13-33-inspirational-life-quotesA person who has the zeal to turn all the odds in his favour will taste the glory. See if you want to get the first position you need to become odd. I mean what is the desperate need to judge others, see of you dont like something or someone , then yes you can express your views as quoted by some people that being in a democratic country we are free to do so. But no democracy gives you any right to disrespect someone’s efforts or whatsoever. If you are not pleased move on. Stop giving so much importance to yourself. Imposing your views or decisions is not at all acceptable. You have to learn to respect other’s perception too and if you cannot do that Also then just maintain silence for the sake of your happiness. Because in a war there is no term as victory its all loss , you lose your respect and happiness. People mock and made gossips. So basically if if we all can put in our best efforts into our own work without caring about others then we can realy succeed. One man can make a difference. We need to have patience. Oscar Wilde said – to live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

Sum up your life in just three words — life goes on…..

So let go all the wordly greeds and negativity. And keep all the happiness and heath. Make your life an inspiration,a celebration,  a journey to be proud of…

An aspiring human on the formidable journey of Dreams, Holding a masters degree in English Literature, flowing her ink with a desire to metamorphose this planet into something empyrean.


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