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Smart work and time management during online classes

The pandemic propelled us to build a new culture and get used to the “new normal. Studying or attending online classes during the crisis is a new and different challenge for students which they are expected to be well aware of. Attending online classes is not as easy as it might seem. Constant screening causes irritation in the eyes, and the earphones plugged in reduces our capability to listen. But we are left with no option. So, besides all the cons and the problems that we face, here are some of the tips for managing your time and doing smart work during online classes.  

Get assignments done in between the break

Since there are no internals exams or tests, guidelines opted for the rule of continuous evaluation which involves doing assignments, preparing for quizzes, and tests regularly. To ease off the pressure, try to break the assignment into small tasks and complete them during the breaks or at the time of canceled lectures.

Practice during the classes

Smart work and time management during online classes
Smart work and time management during online classes

Not listening in the lectures and still passing in the exam is the hidden talent of students. But since we have limited options for clearing our doubts from teachers, try to focus and pay attention in the class. Do and practice questions along with the teacher while she is teaching. This will save your hunting time on the internet afterward.

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Move your body

One advantage of online classes is that the traveling time is saved. Use this time to do exercise or yoga for at least 30 min once a day. You may use online free apps to guide you (if you are a beginner or need help). Moving your body will help you remain focused and concentrated and will boost your immune system, which is a necessity during this pandemic.

Wake up early

Online classes along with the extra assignments have disturbed our sleep cycles somehow causing mental distress. Staying mentally strong for online classes is the biggest achievement. To triumph this, try to go to bed between 10-11 pm and wake up around 6-7 am. This will give you enough 8 hours of sleep and will help in managing the stress.

Try to finish your work or study early in the morning instead of staying up late at night.

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Get assignments done one day before the deadline

Working under pressure or deadlines can be tedious and frustrating. To enjoy a relaxing weekend, set your customized deadline one day before the actual one, and try sticking to it. Let’s suppose you have been given assignments with deadlines of Sunday. So, set your deadline to Friday, work more if you need to but complete that before-hand. It will not only help you stay up to date but also provides you with a sensation of serene moments. As a very famous proverb says “Work for living, don’t live for work”.

Keep a track of your attendance

Smart work and time management during online classes
Smart work and time management during online classes

Remember bunking the classes, going to college, and not attending a single class? Since now it’s an online class, your gut feeling does not allow you to miss one, and to stay alert and updated, you must keep a track of your attendance so that even if there is a patchwork of missing reports, you have your track to show.

Gather all your notes

The libraries are still closed and access to offline hardcopy books is still difficult. Teachers have been sending notes in the form of pdfs, presentations, and in other different formats. To keep track of all the topics discussed, it is highly recommended to save all your notes of one particular subject in a separate folder. Let’s say you make a folder of the semester, then inside it, there are subfolders of different subjects (you know the rest). This will keep you stay organized with less or no chaos.

Maintain a to-do list

Smart work and time management during online classes
Smart work and time management during online classes

So many works to be done? So little to remember? We all have faced such situations when we have plenty of works to do even if that means making a call to someone, but we all tend to forget half of them. To avoid such tragedies with you, make a to-do list of daily chores, and try maintaining it. Prepare it in the night for the next day and review it for the current day. All the ticked items will make you feel more confident and happier.

Selfcare time

Smart work and time management during online classes
Smart work and time management during online classes

Never, I repeat, never forget yourself while doing anything or with anyone. Remember, “You cannot give your best if you are not feeling best”. Spend some time with yourself (at least 1 hour) every 24 hours. Introspecting oneself will boost your inner ability to fight with the dilemma and make you stronger. Enjoy this one hour. Do what makes you genuinely happy whether it is singing, dancing, painting, standing or sitting in the balcony and doing nothing, or reading a novel.

Stretching during the classes

It’s your eyes that are exposed to the screen more than the regular. Try to do some eye exercises or yoga while sitting on the chair or using a pen or pencil after one or two classes or during the break. Being sitting continuously for long hours makes our neck and back stiff causing muscular pains in the respective regions. Try to stretch your body after every one hour just by standing and stretching out the muscles or walking for 10 minutes before heading back to the work.

Be prepared for the day

You should be prepared beforehand for the next class or the next day. This will try to ease the burden on you and will save you from having on the spot panicking just because you cannot find your notebook. Check your timetable before sleeping for the next day and be mentally and physically ready for another happily occupied day.

This is an unexpected phase for all of us. We have to keep faith in God and most importantly, ourselves. Do not let this situation snatch away your real talents and study. Work hard to achieve your dreams and set the stage on fire.

You rock!!!

Don’t just go through this pandemic, instead grow through this pandemic!!

I am a writer, an artist and a dance lover. I believe when words fail to express, that is when the art comes in.


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