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Things only dog lovers will relate to

Everyone for sure loves their pets, but then there are dogs, the love goes to another level. You don’t just love them, they are your family and you prioritize them over anything. Whatever time of the day, you can’t stop loving your dog. Even if it does some kind of goof, his eyes melt you to the core and you just can’t be mad at it!

  1. Your dog is your baby-best friend. Yes, that’s a thing.

You have seen him grow like your baby, and he stands for you at the hour of need like a best friend. So, no wonder he’s your baby best friend. Yeah, you have a crazy relationship with your dog, It’s okay not everyone needs to understand that!

  1. He knows your sleep- wake cycles better than you.

You sleep to his cuddles and wake up to his love again. He knows you inside out, and you simply adore this fact.

  1. You’re glad your dog doesn’t talk. He knows too much!

You’re more than happy your dog doesn’t know how to talk. Because every time you don’t have anyone to share your secrets with, you know s forever there.

  1. You cried while watching ‘Hachiko’ and ‘Marley and me’. Admit it.

It doesn’t matter how cold or strong hearted you are, you have cried at least once watching such Dog movies. And that’s not just for girls. That night after the movie, you hugged your dog to sleep. It’s okay guys, you’re not turning into a girl.

  1. Aren’t his eyes the cutest thing on the planet?

Those eyes man! You completely fall for them all the time. It’s like their secret weapon when they want something from you, and you know it, still can’t refuse them anything. I mean, look at those eyes .How can someone say no to them?

  1. You know all the do’s and dont’s related to your dogs.

You’re not a geek but you’ve researched every possible do’s and don’ts related to your dogs. You love them more than your life, so the proper attention.

  1. You don’t understand why people are scared of them.

They are too cute to be scared of. You feel people around who don’t visit your place because you have a dog are only over dramatic. Dude, are you scared of butterflies too?

  1. With him, your ego goes to level underground. He is always your first priority!

To the world, you’re the typical egoistic bitch, but that’s just not how it works with your dog. You become the sweetest person for him, you choose him before you all the time. You even share your food with him. Come on! That’s huge.

  1. *Throws a stone at some street dog* “Dude, what’s wrong with you?”

You have no respect for people who mistreat dogs and you’ve shouted at people at once for the same. “How are you so insensitive, I should rather treat you like that!” Such people are your biggest turnoffs. “Do not even bother talking to me!”

  1. Sad? You know your remedy!

People might find it strange but you know your dog’s your remedy whenever you’re sad. He senses the sad out of you, and tries to cheer you up, without fail.  And even when you’re excited, he’s the first to hear the story. No wonder you’re his tiny little world. He proves the saying ‘You don’t need words to understand others.’


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