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The Top Ten Art Schools You Should Aim For After College.

Has your ambition in life been to do art? To draw and sketch and write to your heart’s content? If so, then the best and most rewarding course of action would be to go through with art school. While expensive and not always advantageous, such colleges will give you the right avenues to explore your passion to make it your career. But how do you apply to the right colleges, and which do you apply to in the first place? Here is a breakdown of the best schools to join abroad, in no particular order. The list will also have some tips for you to consider while applying.

Rhode Island School of Design

What makes a good art school? The desire to create and innovate, not just from the students, but from the professors and lecturers too. There must be a desire to teach students to think in ways never thought of before. Creative expression is rooted deep into the psyche of an art student, and such a college must encourage and cultivate that. One of the most competitive and most probably the best out there, Rhode Island is the dream art school a student could think of. RISD provides not just a wonderful learning environment, but the right kind of start for an art student into an extremely competitive world.

The Top Ten Art Schools You Should Aim For After College.
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They have an associated museum with works that range across centuries of art and media. Maybe you can pop in there for a little inspiration in times of hopelessness. It, however, boasts an acceptance rate of twenty per cent, so you might be exceptional at your field to even come close to cutting.

School of  the Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago comes next in this list because of its strong global reputation. It boasts alumni from all around the world, with artists famous for their wonderful work. SAIC is a very liberal college. The students there have an insane amount of avenues to experiment with their interests and are even encouraged to do so. The first year, students are strongly encouraged to explore artistic disciplines of their choice before settling into one. Their curriculum is very creative and flexible; students can choose across disciplines too.

One of the best parts of the school is its need for off-campus study. SAIC ensures that its students know and understand the scenario outside the campus, preparing them for it. Students are required to either do an internship or do a study abroad experience. It provides them a bridge outside of a college to prepare for a career in arts.

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California Institute of the Arts

An internationally recognized art institute, California Institute of Arts goes beyond what you might consider traditional media, truly capturing the essence of art. The California Institute of Art boasts very individualized attention towards each one of its students. This is, of course, accompanied by its extremely high cutoff rate. With an acceptance rate of only 23%, CalArts has been the centre of attention not just for arts, but for also its attention in the media. They have their own Community Arts Partnership which allows their students to work and earn an income while practising art and experiencing life. The institute is especially known for its demeanour towards students, looking to help its students secure a career after college.

The Top Ten Art Schools You Should Aim For After College.
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Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

If you have been into the artsy, rom-com, coming of age movies during your life, chances are you might have heard of Saint Martins. One of the best art universities in not just the U.K, but the world, Saint Martins boasts an extremely versatile course of study. The course details degrees in Graphics, communication design, the fine arts, even fashion and textile. A common trait in the best art universities around the world is the presence of an open approach to education.  Students are encouraged to think out of the box, and their creativity is never stifled.

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Parsons School of Design at The New School

Something different about the Parsons School of Design, New York is that is emphasized on a form of problem-solving that looks at it on a global scale. While it has a focus on community service and social justice, it encourages projects that have a tangible outcome on the world. It, like the other colleges discussed here, provides for a counsellor and mentorship program.

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Berlin University of the Arts

Unlike the previous universities on our list, the Berlin University of Arts isn’t located in the U.K or America. As you might have gauged, it is located in Germany. It is also the biggest arts university in the world. It has been witness to some of the greatest contemporary artists in the world. The University houses four colleges within it, that specialize in Fine Arts, Music, Design, and the Performing Arts. The Berlin University of Arts is a cultural venue and houses more than 500 key events every year.

The Top Ten Art Schools You Should Aim For After College.
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Pratt University

Constantly at the top of the list of the best colleges around the world, Pratt is at the centre of New York’s scene of action. A point of exposure for art and design students, Pratt is one of the best universities you could go to, to be someone in the field of art. The university also provides valuable connections to the students in the world of art. Having connections is a precious asset, especially in a field that has almost innumerable competitors. Pratt boasts an acceptance rate of around 50 per cent, which is really good to cut to.

Aalto University

Despite being a very new, and public university, Aalto University has a speciality that not many universities do. Aalto University may be very new, but it is also a merging of three different, old universities into one. An amalgamation of the Helsinki school of technology, economics, art and design, Aalto aims to be a university that welcomes students of all disciplines. The university boasts an extensive student degree program having more than ninety options.

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Glasgow School of Art

A really hard school to get into, Glasgow has an acceptance rate of under 20%, with good reason. A college divided into two campuses, The GSA is half School of Fine arts and half School of Design. The university has a wonderful student and staff exchange program and you can get an exposure previously only dreamed of through the GSA.

The Top Ten Art Schools You Should Aim For After College.
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China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Not much is known about this school, including its acceptance rate. The china central academy of fine arts is one of the most particular art schools in the world, and the selection criteria are intense. The university in itself is made up of six divisions, also called speciality divisions. They have the university of fine arts, Chinese painting, design, architecture, human design and urban design.

We hope this countdown list intrigues you as much as it did us. Leave us a comment below for more such crazy countdowns.

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