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The primary ingredient of building yourself

Health is an indispensable treasure to be valued throughout your life and therein pops up the famous quote “Health is wealth”. It is only in the presence of undisturbed health, you are able to lead a proper life without the cropping up of any unwanted disturbances. However, not for every one of us it is possible to be always fit and healthy. Due too certain extrinsic and intrinsic factors our health is constantly posed under threat. The sole challenges lie in conquering these factors and maintaining a healthy existence.

Common issues inflicting health conditions

  • A person may lose his health or tread towards an unhealthy situation owing to certain circumstances. In fact many issues work together which ultimately lead to a health breakdown.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption- Excessive addiction to smoking and alcohol are the most prominent reasons of health breakdown in the present milieu. In order to de-stress oneself, people are gradually resorting to dependence of these commodities, however, being least aware of the fact that they are nearing themselves to the zones of death.smokingkills
  • Increased rate of pollution and weather changes- with increased rates of industrialization, pollution has also directly been influenced. Constant exposure to the polluted environmental conditions deteriorates the healthy conditions of a being. Irregular weather changes also affect the health status of an individual.
  • Unhealthy practices- undermined care of one’s heath can also gradually contribute to the erosion. Constantly exposing oneself to pressure, not following a balanced diet, not engaging oneself in daily exercises can be equally responsible for forwarding health disturbances.

Significance of a healthy health

  • The importance of a strong, healthy being is widely acknowledged and appreciated universally. The regular benefits that a healthy person enjoys arehealthyliving
  • Inflow of energy and vitality- a healthy person never drops out of energy. He is always brimming with vitality and ready for any work to be undertaken. He usually never complains of being tired and repels from activities.
  • Psychological activeness- proper health conditions always establish an active psychological framework. A person with regular diseased conditions usually falls victims to depression which further takes a toll on his health. The interconnected relationship between physical health and psychological stability remains an undeniable fact.
  • Longer span of life- though accidents may occur anytime and anywhere, people with frail health are more likely to die earlier than stronger, healthy people. Individualsleading a super healthy life , usually live longer and stay active irrespective of growing age.

However the term health should never be confused with the physical representation of the person. A person with extreme amounts of flesh is not healthy but rather an obese. Internally he may be a weak person too. On the other hand a slim, thin person may be equally healthy despite having a frail structure.



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