Ten most popular folktales in India

There can be no denying in saying that all of us have grown up listening to all the stories that our parents and grandparents used to tell. Although, during our childhood, they served the didactic purposes but now we realize that they are ageless and timeless. They have so many things to inspire us at every stage of our lives.
So, Let’s have a look on the most famous folktales that we can never get rid of:

1) Panchatantra:

A bundle of fables to entertain kids as well as to brush up their moral and ethical values. On a deeper level, Panchatantra tales impart wisdom and knowledge about the world outside and the world within using very usual animal imageries.

2) One thousand and one nights:

It comes under the Persian folklore but nobody would have been ignorant about the very famous, ‘Aladdin’. Adventures of Aladdin and Genie always fill our hearts with rapture and takes our imagination to another level.

3) Akbar-Birbal:


The discourses between Akbar and Birbal please our five senses everytime we read, watch or listen to them. The wisdom of Birbal nurtures the thinking power of Kids as well as portrays how he’s been able to balance the political ideologies inherent in then Mughal courts.

4) Cinderella:

cinderella-013Cinderella has always been everybody’s favorite. It not only gives us a ride of fairy tale romance but also takes us back to the real world that we are captives of.

5) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

snow-white-and-the-seven-dwarfs-1920x1200-700x438A story that sets standards for all the whimsical fantasies of an individual. The creation of Dwarfs becomes the reason of liberation for Snowhite. Also, it shatters all the notions of idealized physical beauty replacing it with a sense of the beauty of a heart.

6) Ramayana:

ramayana-bala-kanda-1Since it is one of the greatest epics of India, it is a story that everyone is aware of. A tale that distinguishes good from bad. A tale that has answers to all our wrong doings. A tale that gives a message of love and brotherhood.

7) Aesop’s Fables:

cvr9781416902904_9781416902904Not everybody would have been aware of Greek folklore, but Aesop’s fables are much like Panchatantra tales of India. Every story offers certain morals that become necessary to add to one’s growth as a person.

8) Stories of Mullah Nasruddin:

mulla_nasruddinMullah is a character who looks at the world with a satirical eye. His tales are often told in the Middle-Eastern regions but his good humored and witty personality makes him famous in all parts of Southern Asia.

9) Tales of Tenaliraman:

tenali-rama-1Tenaliraman is one of the most famous characters of South Indian folklore. His tales are famous for his witty techniques of solving problems.

10) Baital Pachisi:


Also known as Twenty-five tales of Baital is a collection, famous for its unique plot of a legendary king, Vikramaditya befriended by a spirit, Baital. Their funny relationship amuses kids and provides them with an image of darkness that is also fascinating.
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prachi nagpal
prachi nagpal

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