Love Yourself

    love yourself

    Sometimes when you are in love with someone, the person influences you so much that you are ready to change yourself for that person. You love everything about the person and think of ways that will make you more likeable. You change your lifestyle, your dressing sense,  your food habits and every little thing that makes you more like that person. But hardly does this change come from within you. You are swept away in fantasies and love for that person that you forget what it is to love yourself. You forget your desires, your objectives and your perspective of the world around you. You can see only what is available as a reflection of the original image from somebody else’s eyes. Your senses are wrapped into a chest, hidden into oblivion. When do you realise this? When the person for whom you have changed leaves you, your heart breaks and shatters into a million pieces and you cannot glue the pieces back together. You call yourself heartbroken and lonely. Are you lonely?

    You have been lonely forever. Only you never felt it because you were busy trying to be the person you admired and forgot to admire the amazing person that you are. You cannot identify yourself anymore. You feel lost. It is important to accept the individual differences because these differences set us apart from animals.

    The importance of role models has always been great. We derive an immense pleasure from finding the relevance of our persona with another person and if that person is a favourite among people. We try to ape their style quotients and inculcate their ideologies even if we don’t understand them truly. We cheat ourselves from the happiness that we actually aspire from. Greatness cannot be derived from practice, it comes from within. We must widen our avenues of thought process and build ourselves towards an insightful being, we must accept ourselves the way we are instead of trying to be someone else, we are blessed with a body and mind that is capable of so much. We counter the stress factors every day in our lives and derive pride from our accomplishments, there is nothing in the world that would give us that much happiness as that of accepting ourselves to the utmost level without trying to change ourselves based on what others feel about us. So love yourself first. Then only will you be able to love and accept everything around you!

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