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She is in every Girl



She is 5, crying in her room within closed doors. She is submissive, novice and docile. She is fragile, notched and introvert. She feels offended with smallest of arguments. She lacks tenacity in her body and her mind. She is born in an upper-middle class family. She goes to a decent school in decent pair of uniform. She has an average intelligence quotient. She is like every other girl of her age. But form the inside; she is a storm and a learner.


She is now 10, still the same or may be even worse. She lives with family and friends most of her time but lives in solitary. She confides in herself. She is bullied for her dark skin, she is bullied for wearing specks and she is bullied for being sluggish.


She is now 15 and she is still the same but with an aim. She has dreams and aspirations. She wants to conquer the world. She wants to be tenacious. She mentally prepares herself for the hardships of life. She has to be away from her friends and family, though she loves them. In order to become what she desires she has to forfeit.

She is 20 she is now vigorous and resilient, who doesn’t shed tears on petty matters. She is a headstrong girl with determined motive and path. She dates guys but all they are is a body with a different set of genitals. She has inherent emotional longing in the back of her mind. She carries her dark skin with a cat-eye speck with audacity and panache. She now wears her weakness like an around her neck.



She is not the girl she used to be when she was a kid; she knitted herself in accordance with the brutal world. She has been a different person at every aspect of life. After all, change is what we all thrive for. She is blithesome, adventuresome, enterprising, a rebel and an abyss. She is what society calls slut, bitch and not marriage material. She is what boys love in bed. She is the dream you see in a little girl eyes, she is the daughter parents dream of; she is a charismatic sister and a credible friend. She is angel for the people who love her and adore her.



She is deceiving, she is a mischief, she is concealed, she is a dominant and she doesn’t conform. She dares to dream she follows her mind and doesn’t give a fuck to the society. She is in every girl. Every girl wants to be her.


Dr. Aaina Aggarwal
Dr. Aaina Aggarwal
Life is memories, you die one day and people remember you for all the things you have done which is summed up by some words. Be defined by the words that you love- from a future doctor aka dentist, writer, wanderer, adventurous, party hopper, and most of all a nerd.


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