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Leadership is about maximizing performance. Do the best by focusing on people respecting their boundaries, celebrating their talents, acknowledging their successes and holding them accountable for their roles.

If any organization, business, venture is going to succeed, it needs a firm leader who can demonstrate the way, go the way, and show the way.

Here are few ways that can make happen:

  1. Teach your people to fish. Don’t give people a fish, teach them to catch their own. Empower people to fulfill their assigned roles and watch them grow into their potential as happy, fulfilled, and loyal team members .sucess mantra
  2. Keep expectations realistic. Be specific and realistic about expectations. Hold yourself to the same standard as others and show them how it’s done. Demonstrate that under promising and over delivering are good for business.
  3. Stay alert and keep informed. People always want to know what’s going on, especially during stressful times in the organization. More often than not, it’s a simple desire for knowledge that leads to the dreaded rumor mill.images6
  4. Be flexible when it comes to schedules and work assignments. It helps people to balance their work and personal responsibilities better. Spending time on the front lines gives you a valuable perspective and earn your respect that you won’t get any other way.
  5. Help your team members to build self-esteem. More than what you say or do. People always remember how you make them feel. Be quick to praise and give their credit. Take every opportunity to put the spotlight on co-workers and employees.
  6. Always be specific with recognition. Talk about what was done and how the project members contributed to the team
  7. Focus on solutions. You can’t always avoid problems, but you can control reactions. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong or whose fault it is, keep your focus on solutions. If you can show people how to identify and positively react to a problem, you empower them to solve things for themselves.
  8. Build trust, Credibility, commitment, and competence, model trust by communicating with people honestly and with transparency. Creating a positive climate of trust will not only energize your entire organization, it will empower your leadership.
  9. Don’t throw around your authority or blame others for problems. Be receptive to what people will tell you especially in case of bad news. Doing so creates open communication and a safe working culture.
  10. Maintaining the virtue of patience can definitely be a challenge especially when you’re dealing with someone having less knowledge.
  11. Accountable for your leadership. Don’t let minor obstacles become excuses for missing a deadline. Show people that you walk the talk and that you are serious about creating leadership in others, and you expect the same level of accountability from them.
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