Surviving A Long Distance Relationship

long distance loveA relationship is a relationship, be it regular, virtual or long distance. Each relationship has its own pros and cons and require a particular way of handling it. Love is an integral part of any relationship but it needs more than mere love to make it last longer or rather forever.

Most of the time it so happens that your family, friends and close ones will advise you against the long distance relationship as they harbor the idea that it doesn’t last. My question to them is which relationship comes with a foolproof guarantee that it will never go wrong or will last forever? Well I am sure none can come up with any such guarantee. Here are a few tips that will help any couple in a long distance relationship to survive the pain, longing and frustration.


Transparency is the backbone of a healthy relationship. You two need to be very honest with each other, don’t hide anything or hesitate in sharing your feelings. Both of you need to be aware of each other’s wish and desires. Plus it’s not just about desires, you two need to speak directly and openly. Chances are your partner has some flaws and drawbacks, be sure to bring it up in a subtle manner because a harsh critic is your closest buddy.

No Secrets

share your secretsSecrets kill relationships, be it your past, fantasies or fetish, make sure your partner knows about it all. A lover is not just a lover but your other half, best friend and closest ally. Your past maybe leaden with dark miseries, if you share it with your partner over phone or Skype then obviously your partner will understand, for a sensible person is one who will realize that past has passed and ‘he/she’ wasn’t there when you did all those weird, insane or wild activities, hence won’t make much difference to the way they feel for you. Moreover when you share each and everything, good, bad, ugly and dirty little secrets with each other, you are bound to create an unbreakable bond. This way you two will rely, depend and trust each other the most. The more the comfort level, the more secrets you share and the more secrets you share, the closer you get to each other, the closer you get to each other the stronger the relationship becomes.

Daily Communication

communicationCommunication is an integral part of a love filled relationship. It is more than obvious that in a long distance relationship, you won’t be able to hold your partner’s hands every evening, take a stroll in the park, enjoy dinner, party out or just meet each other whenever the urge arises. Lack of physical proximity is a major drawback of such relationship but when two souls are connected then nothing can keep them apart, they will be together even if they stay miles apart. Small gestures like, one good morning and goodnight call on a daily basis will be enough to make the two of you realize that you two are the first one on each other’s minds when you wake up and last one before you go off to sleep. Dropping surprise love notes in the middle of a busy schedule, regular gifts and out of the blue hand written love letters will stir the very entity of your partner and make you two stick closely to each other.


long distance relationshipStagnancy causes saturation, make sure your relationship is alive, frivolous and filled with excitement. Following a set pattern like talking to each other at a particular time every day or night, greeting each other with gifts on Valentine’s Day and wishing each other on the strike of twelve on his/her birthday might look romantic for some time but a routine relationship will bore you two to the bones. There won’t be any novelty, excitement or surprise and you will feel like as if you are following a mechanical life or moving in circles. Surprise your partner with an out of character behavior, if your partner feels that you are not very expressive or romantic then do something bizarre to sweep your partner off his/her feet. You can just give your partner a call in the middle of the night and tell him/her that they mean the world to you, dedicate a song, send a love text or a lengthy love filled romantic email (a hand written love letter would be better).

Meeting & Mating

sex in loveMake sure that your relationship is not restricted to phone calls, video chats and social media affection alone. The two of you need to meet each other as well, hence make sure that you plan your meetings every two to three months. Before you meet, have long discussions with each other as to what you two will do when you meet. Tease, please and entice each other by sharing your sexual fantasies with each other. The higher the temperature the pleasurable will be the meeting and the closer the two of you will get to each other. Do keep in mind that sexual compatibility and emotional connect will nourish your relationship. Love starts with eyes, spreads through the body, conquers the heart and inhabits the very soul of lovers, the idea here is to make sure that the two of you belong to each other, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Love your partner from the deepest core of your heart and resolve that come what may, the two of you will stick to each other till your last breath.

Anjum Baba
Anjum Baba
Professional content writer, experienced proofreader/ editor and a published author. Has done M.A in English, voracious reader, an avid writer and a deep thinker. Interacts with her readers on a regular basis. Plans to publish a book of short stories in near future. Her first published book of poems named Scattered Stars is available on Amazon and other bookstores.

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