Some Unconventional Festivals of India

India is the land of festivals. Besides the conventional and religious festivals many unconventional festivals are also organized here. The Hampi festival, Pushkar Camel Fair, International Kite Festival, Hornbill Festival and many more. Here are some of the most amazing carnivals in India:

Khajuraha Dance festival, Madhya Pradesh:

Some Unconventional Festivals of IndiaThe perfect combination of culture and heritage, Khajuraha Dance festival organized by the Madhya Pradesh kala parishad at the splendid Khajuraha temples is a week long annual festival. Organized in the month of February, the event features classical dance performances like Kathak, Bharatnatyam, odissi, kuchipudi, Manipuri and kathakali. Even if you are not very well versed with classical dances, this is an event worth experiencing for its sheer beauty.

Bihu Festival:

The Bihu festival is organized in three parts every year in Assam-Bhogali Bihu, Rongali Bihu and Kangali Bihu. Considered to be the most important festival of the religion, it involves Bihu folk dance and songs and represents three different sets of culture. People of Assam come together for this festival irrespective of their caste, religion and faith.

Hornbill Festival:

Some Unconventional Festivals of IndiaThe most popular festival of Nagaland, the Hornbill festival showcases the stunning beauty of the state and the rich culture worth witnessing. Organized in the first week of December, it is also called the “festivals of festivals”. The festival is named after the bird, Indian Hornbill, and the aim of this festival is to revive and protect the rich culture of Nagaland and display its extravaganza and traditions. Colourful performances, displays of art and craft, cultural shows, Naga wrestling and archery are just a few of the activities in this grand carnival.

Rann Utsav:

This is not like any other festival which lasts for a few days and bids goodbye. Rather, the great Rann of Kutch hosts the Rann Utsav for the three months on its amazing white land. The glowing white Rann in the full moon night with various cultural performances, handicrafts and outdoor activities make this a must-go destination. A perfect combination of adventure and leisure, you can visit the Rann of Kutch with your family and rest assured that you will have the experience of a lifetime.

Goa carnival:

This four-day festival full of music, dance, colour and celebrations is not like other conventional festivals in India. Streets are filled with people wearing costumes, huge parades, musicians, street shows, etc. Celebrated throughout Goa, the festival is enjoyed by people of all communities and it brings out the vibrant culture of Goa. The carnival adds to the already beautiful Panjim. You have to attend this festival to see Goa on its brightest form.

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