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Small act of kindness

Kindness holds us together.

Not every day we experience something vastly filled with respect, love and kindness. But when something like that happens to us, it changes our attitude and vision of life. Sometimes we don’t bother about our surroundings. We see but never notice other people’s problem.

Can someone actually have kindness in what we call ‘today’s busy world’? Can it really happen? I didn’t give much thought to these questions until recently when something happened that made me clear about the existence of people with good intentions without expecting anything in return. Kindness doesn’t relate itself with money. It doesn’t matter what the financial condition of a person is but the heart is all that matters when it’s in the right place. Instead of expecting anything in return, we must make our best possible efforts to support others.

God exists within us.

God indeed helps those who help themselves. We just need to be strong to accept the situation to tackle with it. Rest should be assured to God. A way for the problem will come around. And this may happen in a form of human being.

Few days ago, I was seriously ill and hospitalised. I was very weak to eat or even talk. I stayed in the bed all day not knowing everything around me. There was a woman who worked in that hospital. She used to clean the floors in the morning and evening; attended to the nurses asking if there was anything to do like giving medicine to the patients etc.; took patients on the wheelchair to the required place; brought the medicines from the pharmacy when asked.

I saw her many times passing in front of my ward and she noticed me too. She came to my ward too bringing medicines and the room cleaning process. Every time she smiled at me as to tell me to hold on. She took me to the pathology lab on the wheelchair as I was very weak to walk on my own. She cared for everyone and talked nicely with everybody, listened carefully to what anybody wants. It became her habit to check on me many times and tell me every time that I’ll get better very soon.


Sense of responsibilty.

One time, I was having some problem so my brother went to the doctor to report it. But there were so many people over there and there was no orderly line in which they were moving. Everyone was standing haphazardly and pushing each other to move forward. It was difficult to see the doctor. Then she was the one who helped. She took my prescription form and making her way went inside to report to the doctor. She even brought the medicines too afterwards. We asked how she did all this. She replied that if she comes across any emergency case, she definitely steps up and since she works there, she’s able to go inside.

That was something to think about. Without knowing anybody, if somebody helps them in their urgent need, that’s definitely a quality to adopt.

Sometimes it seems like God tests the patience of a good person too.

One day in the morning, at the time of her arrival to the hospital I saw her worriedly walking here and there looking disturbed. She was constantly going to the common room. I didn’t get the reason behind her distress. Then I didn’t see her for some time until in the noon when she came to my ward bringing my medicines. That’s when she told my parents that her little son also got ill. She didn’t have any money to treat him and the doctors were refusing to provide any medication to the little boy without the payment. So she gaged her girl’s anklets in order to get money to treat his son.

Listening to this, I instantly felt enraged and shocked as how can any doctor deny treating a patient. Even not to provide him anything just to control it, let alone treat it.  My parents also felt the same way. I was very disappointed and wondered how can something bad happen to a genuinely good person who cared for everyone else and did everything to help them.

We asked her about her son’s condition which was fine then. There was no serious illness but at the moment he needed something just to lessen his pain which he got only after she, in spite of working there, arranged for the money with so much difficulty. She told us that she was not on the permanent job there, instead she was recruited temporarily. But even then, she was working there for so long time. That should have been in the doctor’s mind, if not the pain of a person.

My father gave her money to properly treat her son and then gave her some extra money too. She was so overwhelmed that she cried. But still the main thing that I noticed was that in that crying also she was so strong and firm and controlled. She thanked my parents many times and smiled at me and gave me blessings to get well soon.

I didn’t do anything in that matter; I was not the one who had so much difficulty in my life; It was not me to give her any money. I simply lied there in my ward. But the moment she touched my forehead and blessed me, I was so moved. It was a completely inexplicable feeling.


The greatness of being human is having humanity.

She was a strong woman who instead of getting little money due to being on a temporary job, and her husband working in some factory also getting less money, was responsible enough to fulfil her duties. Her son was ill, she went through so much stress, and her little girl’s anklet was on gage but nothing stopped her from doing her job. She was here to help the people again. Her job was to help the people. And there’s no denying in the FACT that she is best in what she does.

It was my honor to get to know a wonderful woman full of kindness from whom I learned a lot. And it has become a new thing for me since then to try and implement her qualities in me; so that I am able to help someone someday.


Every act of kindness creates a big difference. It not only blesses the receiver but also the giver with the immense joy.


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