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Six Reasons Why Toyota Fortuner Is India’s Best-Selling Premium Suv

Toyota Fortuner has been a favourite of those looking for a great SUV that has it all. Despite many competitors cropping up in the market over the decade, Toyota Fortuner has held its ground and has been a favourite of enthusiasts.

Driving White 2020 Toyota 4Runner TRD crossing in the desert road trip
Driving White 2020 Toyota 4Runner TRD crossing in the desert road trip

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If you are considering buying a new car and are inclined toward SUVs, here are some reasons Toyota Fortuner is a great fit! These are also the reasons why it has held the position of India’s best-selling premium SUV for a long time.

Reasons why Toyota Fortuner is the best

Resale market value

  1. The quality of the built Toyota Fortuner ensures the SUV stays fresh after many kilometres. The quality of materials used and the flawless finish are responsible for the resale market value of this car. Even the older generation models of Toyota Fortuner are valued at around 80 per cent of their original cost. The margin you can expect for a Fortuner is much higher than its competitors. 

Low cost of ownership

  1. SUVs are notorious for being hard to maintain. They are known to have higher ownership costs due to lesser mileage, higher cost of insurance, and so on.
  2. Toyota Fortuner has one of the most affordable services in the SUV range. There are very few breakdowns because of the reliability of the engine.
  3. The warranty period is longer, and if there is an issue with any part.
  4. Along with preserving your Toyota Fortuner’s physical condition, buying Toyota car insurance is essential to ensure it stays in the best shape possible under all circumstances.
  5. Car insurance will protect your SUV in case of a collision. Car insurance also ensures you are covered for consumables and get your car fixed completely without paying out of your pocket.
  6. The extent of your benefits depends on which add-ons you have bought.

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  1. Engine – The petrol engine of Fortuner is said to produce 160.4 hp at 5,200 rpm with 2,700 CC. At the same time, the diesel engine has a capacity of 2,500 CC and reaches a maximum power of up to 144 hp at 3,400 rpm. The reliable engine functions smoothly if taken care of for a long time without any glitches.
  2. Great brand
  3. Toyota has been around for a long time. Toyota Fortuner is known for its steady build and robust exterior.
  4. It is not only a popular choice for families who are looking for safety but also for politicians who are looking for a vehicle that is powerful enough to withstand chaos.
  5. The reliability of this car has made it a popular part of convoys for VIPs as well. When it was launched, it captured almost 75% of the market.
  6. Toyota also has one of the best networks in the country. No matter where you are, a Toyota service centre is always nearby.
  7. The impeccable customer service is also a bonus.
  8. The manufacturers themselves offer roadside assistance.

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  1. Multiple variants to choose from – Toyota Fortuner has multiple variants you can choose from depending on your requirement. You can take your pick from a petrol engine or diesel engine. You can also choose between an automatic transmission and a manual gearbox. You can even pick an all-wheel drive. There is a Toyota Fortuner for everyone, no matter what you like. Apart from this, there are some dashing colours option you can pick from. This car has an intimidating street presence, and you can make it even more so by choosing the right colour.

Exterior and interior design

  1. The interior of this car is classy and equipped with fantastic safety features. The airbags coupled with ABS and EBD ensure sudden braking does not cause any harm.
  2. The infotainment system is fantastic and has features that allow the passengers to view content on the screen.
  3. The leather interior looks classy and is great to touch.
  4. This car also seats up to 7 adults comfortably. Toyota Fortuner has emerged as a victor in the off-road segment multiple times.
  5. It is great for someone who likes to take the road less travelled in search of adventure.
  6. The looks of this car are unmatched and have been a winning point for it for a long time.
  7. The 18-inch tyres and the road clearance make this car look like the king of the streets.

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There are two types of car insurance – Third party insurance and comprehensive car insurance. If you want the best for your Toyota Fortuner, then comprehensive car insurance is the best way to go. It covers your own vehicle against any damage and keeps you away from financial liability. Some elements of this insurance are not present in the third party insurance.

You can choose add-ons and customise the policy according to your interest. All of this is not available in third party car insurance. You have only covered the damage to the car or property of the third party. That is why when choosing car insurance, evaluate all parameters and then make an informed decision.

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