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20 MarTech companies that are changing the world | Get to know the top MarTech companies with great tools

Are you confused about matters related to content planning, reporting, data collection, and many other tasks?

Martech will be helpful for you. Have you heard of this term?

Martech means a set of tools and technologies that are used in marketing technology. At present, this particular term has become quite popular and can be considered the newest member of the marketing jargon.

Martech is actually a type of software that the marketing team usually use to organize and streamline the marketing tasks entrusted to them. In simple words, it is a set of tools and technologies that marketing groups use to organize, plan, and execute their ideas and campaigns. Martech will provide you with efficient and effective ways to improve and help you to achieve your goals.

For instance, any content creation software, customer data or customer support platforms, CRM software, and many others can be considered the best examples of Martech.

The MarTech Stack includes the following:

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Email marketing, Social Media Management, CMS, CRM, SEO tools, etc. Also read about Adtech which is also a part of Martech, Martech stack for proper understanding.

Here’s a list of top Martech tools and technologies which is creating a buzz in the digital world.


ContentGrow is a content creation and content marketing software that the marketing groups have been preferring lately to create customer awareness and support customer engagement.

Marketers looking for content creators with specializing or domain expertise can give ContentGrow a try. The core team behind this digital app will handpick the talents personally and will assign them according to your group needs (and your targeted audience)

Hubspot CRM

One of the main tasks of marketers is content distribution and it has to be on time. CRM software will help one to achieve this goal.

Hubspot CRM software is a free version available on the market which allows one to collect, store and use the data collected from a customer (for example, online browsing activities, customer care chats, purchase lists, etc.) it also provides some other services and tools like email marketing and landing pages for free.

Zoho Mail

Most people trust businesses that use a customized mail address. If it is domain specific, it is an added bonus.

The best choice when it comes to free mail hosting is Zoho Mail. The free version of this tool even allows you to create custom business mail ids for five users with no ads in between. It is one of the trusted tools of marketers. It is secure and honestly, easy to set up.

Zoho Mail also provides some additional tools for your needs, but you may have to upgrade by paying a certain amount.


It’s 2022 and one of the essential digital upgrades that most developers are thankful for is email marketing.

Almost all marketers prioritize email as their top marketing strategy. There are many numbers of email marketing tools available on the market but SendPulse is considered unique for some of the features it is offering. The subscriber rating feature is in demand currently and SendPulse, in its free version allows you to handle up to 500 subscribers.

In simple terms, it basically allows you to sort and organize subscribers based on their responses to your emails.

Treasure Data

Treasure Data is a customer data platform that provides complex customer data structures in a simple manner. It helps the marketing groups by providing them the accurate customer profile, and their purchase histories according to the need of the marketers. Their service has been found helpful by many marketing companies. They help to unify and bring together the information of customers in a single space which in turn helps out marketers to provide personalized services.


Criteo is an online advertising company that is known for its close relationships with marketing companies for creating personalized advertisements according to the targeted consumer section. This digital advertising technology helps marketers to campaign or promote at multiple channels. Though the initial setup process is proven to be laborious, it is worth it as it will help you understand consumer behavior accurately.

Konnect Insights

One of the famous MarTech companies in India is Konnect Insights which offers social listening and analytics tool. It provides an all-in-one tool for listening, analytics, social CRM, and publishing. You can learn a lot about your customers, get market intelligence reports, and listen to online web and social media all in this one place. They are trusted by many companies all over India, especially by BOSCH, OPPO, SUZUKI, Biocon, TATA Motors, etc.

Visit their official site for more information – konnectinsights


20 MarTech companies that are changing the world | Get to know the top MarTech companies with great tools

WebEngage is the platform that provides full-stack marketing automation and customer data to consumer companies. In simple terms, WebEngage helps marketers with people/consumer engagement and user retention. They are known for their highly effective operations and services. They help the marketing groups with analytics, segmentation, personalization, and engagement.

To know more about the features offered – webengage.com


Many surveys suggest that most consumers opt for the live chat feature to reach out. Crisp is a live business messaging online platform that helps out consumers/customers by proving them real-time assistance. The basic free version provides you with a feature to look at the users’ browsing activities on the website. It is considered one of the easily accessible, straightforward live chat apps available in the market.

Meet Edgar

We all know that social media management is an important aspect that needs to be covered in the digital marketing strategy. Meet Edgar is one such social media management platform that will help the marketing group to focus on the proper delivery of content on social media or in general the internet. It is known for its highly efficient scheduling, queuing, and delivery of the contents.

If you need your social posts to be scheduled and queued for promotion, Meet Edgar will be one of the best choices as it is extremely user-friendly and simple in approach. It is available on the market for a particular cost but many suggest that it is indeed available for a reasonable price.

Check their official site to know more – meetedgar.com


In need of a marketing technology service? Get to know about Mailchimp. It is not only a marketing automation platform but also known for its email marketing services. It can be described as an all-in-one marketing platform. This platform helps you to manage and allows you to establish a connection with the interested audience. Their approach towards marketing is basically establishing proper, healthy contact with their customers.

You can easily approach them in order to gain expertise to become an excellent marketer. They will help you with contacts, management, promotion campaigns, and also with your data analysis.

Visit their website for more information – Mailchimp.com


CleverTap is one of the leading customer engagement and retention platforms that has been helping many digital brands increase their customers and lifetime value. CleverTap is a platform that provides a feature to integrate app analytics and marketing. They are known for their user engagement goals and they are trusted by more than ten thousand companies from various parts of the world. They track the actions of the users and analyze, run campaigns, analyze the campaign, and report on user engagement accordingly.

Most surveys suggest that CleverTap has scored around 4.0 of 5 as their overall rating. If you require mobile analytics and user engagement, get to know more about this software.  

Get to know about CleverTap at – Clevertap.com


Netcore is a globally recognized Indian-based marketing technology company that helps B2C brands create unique digital experiences. This also deals with marketing automation and customer engagement tools. Their digital marketing setup offers promotional and other email marketing services along with mobile marketing. Netcore provides solutions that will help the marketing group to provide an intelligent customer experience- as they state on their website. They have received appreciation regarding their integration support and their efficiency as a tool.

To know more – netcorecloud.com


Marketo is an American Martech company that develops and distributes marketing automation and offers software for account-based software marketing and various other marketing services. They offer bundles of unique features to the marketing groups starting from mobile marketing, email marketing, etc. to customized products for various companies. It also helps out with SEO and content creation. This marketing software let businesses assess and carry out various marketing tasks easily. The platform tracks user actions, analyses the campaign, provides a personalized website with digital ads and also helps with social marketing. They are highly efficient and are often recommended to small-scale to medium-sized companies.

To know more – marketo.com


Sitecore is an integrated Martech company that deals with customer engagement management and it offers services like web content management and marketing automation software across multiple channels. This is used globally by many marketing companies and organizations as it provides customized digital services. Sitecore describes itself on its website as a ‘Customer Experience Platform’. It offers many features more than just online content management.

Get to know more about their features at – sitecore.com


Prowly is one of the Martech companies that offer solutions to PR professionals at times of need. It is one of the software that is easily approachable with many features made available to the customers starting from prospecting, and setting up campaigns to analytics tracking. This is trusted by many PR personnel. It is described as an all-in-one tool that saves time for many media-related companies. Prowly offers support to its users in acquiring the right media contacts and its organization, it helps with creating satisfying press releases, maintains a journalist-friendly newsroom, monitors media and so many other services.

Make sure you visit their site for more information – prowly.com


Salesforce is another American-based software company that offers customer relationship management software and creates applications for marketing companies. They provide apps meant for sales and customer services. They also deal with marketing automation and analytics. They help with prospecting and closing deals. They are known for the amazing services provided by them like customer data platform, personalized customer engagement, and customer service management.

Check out their website for additional information –salesforce.com


Hootsuite is a well-known social media management platform that offers users a service to manage their social interactions. It helps the marketing team stay connected with multiple social media accounts. It also helps with online content creation. It plans, schedules, queues, and publishes posts, monitors activity, and analyses the behaviors. It forms a report and handles the basic simple task managing activities. It is not laborious to use and saves more time with social media handling.

Make sure you check out the features Hootsuite offers.


Betaout is another Indian-based marketing automation solution platform that helps out online businesses to increase their conversions and provide personalized customer engagement. It helps out with content management and also provides insights into the analytics and activities of the user. It is considered one of the best tools available to help out the e-commerce businesses

Check out their LinkedIn

PR Newswire

PR Newswire is software that will help out the marketing team with news distribution, targeting, monitoring, and marketing solutions. This offers better connection and customer engagement. This is one of the Martechs’ that offers many services to the journalists. This software will help you with content creation and content distribution according to the targeted audience, press releases, and analyses the efficiency. It will help you enhance client relationships and engage the audience.

This service has a solid reputation and is trusted by many companies from various parts of the world.

Check out their official website here – prnewswire.com

The above-mentioned list of Martech companies and tools are some of the well-known software for their services globally. They are considered reputed and are trusted by many marketing companies from various parts of the world. They are known for their efficient tools and services. They play an important role in promoting brands and companies, they make sure it reaches the targeted audience. Hence, these Martechs’ are indeed changing the world.

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