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Shoppers: Interesting Career Paths to Satisfy Shopaholics

Shopping is not just an errand but a therapy for some people. If you can look for the best deals whilst finding that perfect outfit and matching accessories, you have a skill that should not get wasted. Shopaholics have a habit of constantly shopping, and the process gives them immense happiness, more like an addiction. But this also means that shopaholics know all about the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle. Shoppers understand the ins and outs of dressing and styling, the famous brands and their signature styles, and even the season’s trendy colors.

Wondering if you’d be a good candidate for shopping jobs? See if this rings true: You consider Black Friday your holiday. You can go into any store, pick through the racks, and walk away with an armful of treasures that other people overlooked. Every December, your inbox gets full with emails from friends asking you for gift suggestions. You mentally redecorate every room you enter.

Most college graduates don’t know what industry they want to enter, and don’t have the necessary skill set to land the jobs they want. Fortunately, your entire life doesn’t need to be sorted out before you turn 23. Shopaholics can use their talent to transform their hobby into a well-paying career. Here are some options for jobs for shopaholics:

Careers for Shopaholics

1. Professional or Personal Shoppers

Cheerful shopaholic
Cheerful shopaholic

Professionals who want to change their wardrobes but don’t have the time or know-how often turn to personal shoppers. These consultants will buy clothes that their clients might like and then set up tailoring sessions in the home if the garments need to be altered. People with a good sense of fashion as well as knowledge of what clothes flatter different body types will flourish in this environment.

Professional shopping could be for you if you are a skilled worker and an excellent shopper with a flair for all things retail. Personal shoppers at prominent apparel and retail shops assist consumers in putting together professional clothes for the job or finding precisely the accessories to match their preferred outfit. They often serve for the retail locations and are compensated with a normal wage and a generous commission on every purchase.

Most personal shopper professions focus heavily on sales and interpersonal skills above putting together a stunning outfit.
On top of becoming an entrepreneur with your own shopping business, you can develop the experience to become an executive assistant or enter the fashion industry as a designer or brand ambassador. Personal shoppers who care for the elderly might discover their calling and become in-home nurses or nannies for kids.

2. Mystery Shoppers

Clothes in shop.
Clothes in shop.

Mystery shopping is the process of discreetly reaching a location or company to evaluate it against a benchmark or established organizational procedure. It is a one-of-a-kind and widely utilized tool by numerous businesses to assess their own and, at times, rivals’ service standards and user experience. Hotels, supermarket businesses, and cafes hire mystery shoppers to purchase their items and rate their customer support.

Mystery shopping assists businesses and organizations in identifying areas for development. It is a critical instrument in the toolkit of every corporation. Mystery Shopping exposes flaws in operational areas.
Here’s how it works: As a mystery shopper, you interact with different salespeople, often make a purchase, and then fill out an online questionnaire afterward. The company will pay you for mystery shopping and reimburse you for your purchase. This means you can get paid to enjoy a meal at your favorite restaurant, enjoy your time there, and then be reimbursed for the cost of the food.

What does this teach? Many mystery shoppers say that they’ve become customer service snobs over the years. This is because they’ve become tuned to what brings a level of customer service from good to great. Mystery shoppers can go on to become business consultants, retail managers, and customer service trainers.

3. Event Coordinator as Shoppers

Shoppers: Interesting Career Paths to Satisfy Shopaholics
Shoppers: Interesting Career Paths to Satisfy Shopaholics

A large part of an event coordinator’s job is shopping. Whether the event is a small town fundraiser or bar mitzvah, an event coordinator is almost always involved. Event coordinators need attention to detail and the ability to stay under or on a budget. Think about planning a birthday picnic. Not only do you have to buy the cake and the games, but also remember to purchase such unglamorous items as extra bottled water, sunblock, and bug repellent.

How can you enter the field of event planning? Start small. Begin by assisting a local non-profit in organizing a fundraiser or volunteering to prepare a corporate party. As you begin to arrange local events throughout town, you will develop relationships with others that require event planning, as well as suppliers and restaurants. Soon, you’ll be able to create your events firm or work for a large corporation that prepares weddings or corporate parties. Your passion for shopping might eventually lead to permanent employment or a career in sales or marketing.

4. Wardrobe or Costume Department

3d rendering minimal scandinavian walk in closet with wood wardrobe
3d rendering minimal scandinavian walk in closet with wood wardrobe

Shoppers that have a flair for the dramatic can work in TV or theatre in the wardrobe department. This might involve buying clothes and assembling outfits for a sitcom or modern TV show, or buying fabric (and other crafting tools) to create costumes for a Shakespearean play or Broadway show. Like the personal shopper, the wardrobe assistant needs to know what clothes look best on what body types, and also needs to have a full understanding of the characters and what they would wear.

If you’re just shopping for raw materials, assistants will quickly learn how much fabric is needed for different sizes and garments. These productions also have strict budgets, and customers will learn how to get creative and stretch a dollar.

Wardrobe assistants might start out finding sweaters and scarves for the show’s extras but can quickly become the main wardrobe manager for the show. They can also break out of the acting world and use their connections to dress the stars. Celebrities almost always have to look good when they leave the house, and you can help them make the right choices.

5. Interior Designer

Flat lay of hands of contemporary creative interior designer over workplace
Flat lay of hands of contemporary creative interior designer over workplace

Interior designers transform a property into a beautiful setting by designing, choosing, and shopping for the things that make a room come to life. Their choices might include broad components like color and decorating schemes and specialized objects like couches, floors, and bathroom fixtures. Interior designers enhance interior spaces’ look, feel, and functionality ranging from houses to institutions. Designers help with practically every purchase decision to enhance or build a more productive and visually beautiful home, whether choosing wallpaper colors or fabrics for drapes.

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6. Major Gifts Officer


The only thing better than shopping is receiving gifts, right? Major Gifts Officers are in charge of procuring gifts for the non-profits they work for. For major non-profits, these gifts can range up to ₹7,00,000.

These gifts come in the form of monetary donations, but can also be items that the organization can use or possibly auction off. For example, a non-profit marine research organization might receive gifts in the form of checks for its sea turtle hospital, scuba equipment for research expeditions, or massage gift cards for an upcoming auction fundraiser.

They need to be familiar with local businesses both to network with new ones and follow up with previous donors. The ability to develop relationships and convince people to donate to the cause will give any Major Gifts Officer the skills needed to enter into sales. After all, if you can convince people to give you money for nothing, you can convince them to give you money for a product. All of the relationships you’ve built after you leave won’t hurt, either.


While you may consider shopping to be a costly activity, these occupations can help shopaholics turn the enthusiasm into a real paycheck. More significantly, these temporary, entry-level positions will help shopaholics develop their abilities and equip them to join the workforce or hold on to managerial responsibilities. Whether you’re using your skills to get hired by a major company or striking out on your own, your love of shopping is all you need to get your foot in the door. There are many such offbeat career opportunities in today’s dynamic market.

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Rakhul Kumar
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