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25 Things You Will Only Get If You Have An Elder Sister.

25 Things You Will Only Get If You Have An Elder Sister.

Having an elder sister is one of the best gifts from God.It is best when you have an elder sister who can make you smile,who can cheer you up,who can make you what you want to be.She is the person on whom you can count on.You have been living up together since your childhood days.

She has seen the best of you and also the worst of you.She has been with you in every phase of your life whether good or bad.She has prepared you to face the world alone.

May be sometimes you are not able to spend time with her as you have been spending with her.She is more busy than you, busy in her studies ,busy in her official work.You wont be able to share the bond which was when you were in your childhood days.You both might be having different different streams different group of friends as she is your senior in age and in experience she cant be like you.You might end up living in two different cities but that wont break your bond with her.Sometimes people might say you are obsessed with her bit don’t worry you don’t love your sister support her appreciate and admire her to show to people but naturally.

That does not stop you from adoring her loving her.Just remember she is with you always.She is there to guide you always.She is also there to scold you like no one can dare to scold you only she has the right to scold you.

Moreover she will always be your friend a lifelong friend who will not change and she will always be your sweet loving sister.She will be always your worlds best sister.Take a time out of your busy life and say Thank You to her for always being for you.


1.Your Childhood Was Awesome

Childhood days are the best days of one’s life.They become more memorable when you have a sister that too elder.She makes your childhood days awesome.Your childhood days have so many memories to share.

2.Your Schooldays With Her

If you both were in same school then you can surely relate to it.You always knew more about school activities.You knew all the seniors very well.Teachers knew you well not by your name but more by your sisters sister.Teachers would always tell you to learn from her.She was popular among your friends.At the same time it was sometimes difficult for you to bunk school and classes when you didnt wanted to go to school.When she left the school you missed her badly and thats true.You missed her as you were used to seeing her daily in lunch breaks.You missed going to her classrooms when you needed her.But it was good for a reason and the reason was you started to be more responsible than ever.Today also somewhere you miss your schooldays with her.


3. You Have Spent Memorable Time With Her.

When it comes to spending time you have only one name on your list and that is your elder sister.You have been spending time with her since from your childhood days.You have more memories with her than your friends.

4. Your Shopping Partner

You love to do shopping with her.She is your shopping partner.You can always go shopping with her.If she is busy you can always do online shopping with her by sending links to her.She is the one who will always shop for you and she will always select the best for you.

5. Your Honest Advisor

She is your advisor an honest advisor in almost everything.She will always give you an honest advice when you need it the most.She will advise you in everything from academics to your relationships.

6. Your Comfort Zone

When you need your own comfort zone you can be with her.She is the one who will comfort you no matter what the situation.

7. Your Supporter

She is the one who will always support you in every situation and in every way at all times.She will support you in your every right decision and will never support in your wrong decisions.

8. Your Friend Forever

She is your friend who will be for you every time.She will be your friend in your every phase of life in your every thick and thin times.

9. Your Official Photographer

She is your official Photographer who clicks a picture which is the best picture.You can always have a picture when she is with you.

10. Your Convincer

She is the one who gives you permission to you in your going out.When parents say no you can always ask to her and your work is done.She will convince them in a way which you can’t understand and you will never.Thats her magic which you can never get.

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11. Your Travel Buddy

She is your travel partner.You love to travel with her.You love to explore places with her.You love to go on adventures with her.You love to travel around the world with her.

12. Your Selfie Partner

She is the person with whom you click selfies often.It does not matter if it’s good or bad as long as she is by your side your every picture will be great.She is the person with whom you click so many selfies that your gallery is full with pictures of you and her.

13. Your Inspiration

She is the one who inspires you more than anyone.She is your inspiration in everything from academics to dressing sense she is your first and foremost inspiration.But that does’nt mean that you cant do it by yourself.Its just you have become habitual to it from your childhood to your adulthood you have seen her you have grown up together.

14. Your One Stop

When it comes to things she is your one shop and stop destination you dont actually buy her things you just take it from her to use her things as whats yours is mine is the rule.You can take anything from her wardrobe you dont have to take any permissions for it but yes if its white you better dare not think of it as it will be another fight at the end of it she will allow you to take with many terms and conditions not to spoil it Her stuff is the most valuable it does not matter if you have hundreds of stuff with you then also you will want to have hers whether old or new you need it not to actually use it but to keep it with you.

15. Your Cup Of Coffee Partner

She is the one with whom you can talk endlessly over a cup of coffee.Coffee made by her is the best coffee Its better than other coffee outlets and food cooked by her is always yum.It does not have to be a five star hotel food just a bowl of noodles and coffee made by her can make your day.You too can cook for her (if you are a good cook).

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16.Your Protector

She is the one who will always protect you from everything.She wont allow anyone to say anything to you.She wont allow anyone to hurt you in her presence.When she is not around you then also she will protect you from everyone who wants to destroy you.

17.Your Fighter

She is a fighter for you in the sense she can fight against the world for you.She will fight for you with every other person who tries to break you.If someone wants to fight with you the person has to face her first then only the person can reach to you.

18.Your Strength

She is your strength.She gives you strength to face this world alone.She is the source of your strength.Whatever you do you have got her strength and its same for her also.

19.Your Teacher

She is your teacher in every field from academics to school projects to college life.She has taught you million things which nobody can teach you.She has the power to teach you lessons which nobody can teach you.She always teaches you things which are necessary to live a well disciplined life.She has taught you to not to worry much in life instead try to do better.She is the one who has taught you never to regret in your life do good always.

20.Your Lifeline

She is the lifeline of your life.You cant live without her.You cant imagine your life without her.You are habitual to seeing her everyday.Your day is incomplete without her.You always miss her.The turning point was when she went to hostel for further studies.Your life completely changed.Though you were connected over phone and thanks to technology for it yet you waited for her.You started to realize her importance more in your life.You waited for her anxiously.Her homecoming was the best day for you.

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21.She Understands You

She is the one who understands you very well.She can read your face like an open book.She can tell what is going on just by looking at your expressions.No one understands you better than her.She is the one who can make you smile when you are feeling low.She is the one who believes in you.She is the one who can make you happy.She is the one who can make your mood from sad to cheerful.She knows you what you need and she buys for you according to your hour of need.

22.She Encourages You

She is the one who encourages you to do better in life.She is the one who encourages you to do more and more in your life.She encourages you to do whats best for you to do what you love to be a person which you have always wanted to be.She encourages you to make all your dreams come true.

23.She Motivates You

She motivates you to move on in life,to let go things.She is the one who has always motivated you to excel in your field since from your childhood days.

24.She Appreciates You

She is the one who always appreciate you in your victories of life.She is the one who appreciates you on your achievements may be big or small.For her every achievement of yours is a huge success.Not only she appreciates you in your achievements but also celebrate it.

25.She is Your Friend For Life.

She is your friend whom you can annoy with whom you can share things may be she wont be sharing much with you her first relationships because of you being younger to her.She wont tell you about her much but you don’t feel bad about it because deep down you know she adores you she loves you very much and it can’t stop you from loving her admiring her as she is your best sister.She might get irritated sometimes but she won’t leave you as she loves you dearly.You may fight with her but that won’t last for more than five minutes as you both love each other you are so much affectionate that you don’t leave any space for your fights to overpower you.She is the one who cares for you,who pampers you.She is a blessing from God.









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